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One more thing that people always ask about is how to print this material. There is no good answer to this. Video is fixed resolution, with fixed pixels. It’s not like print where the more pixels you can jam into an inch the better the print quality. Video is equivalent to 72 dpi, which is pretty poor for printing.

You have a couple of options. The simplest way is to let Photoshop do it. In the Image Size dialog, set Resample Image to Bicubic Smoother (because the image is going to be scaled up). Set the resolution to 150 dpi to make your 640 × 480 image 1333 × 1000 or set it to 300 dpi to make it 2666 × 2000. This used to create images that looked pretty ropy, but improvements have made this work very well.

Exporting still images has traditionally been frustrating because we needed to convert the image from a video format into a computer format. Now that you know what to do, exporting your images should be a piece of cake.

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