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Exploring additional bin features

The bin feature in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 is helpful when you have a lot of assets. It is possible to have thousands of assets (movie clips, image clips, audio clips, and so on) in your bins. Bins are very helpful in finding, moving, and organizing assets.

Having multiple bins open at once

In Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, you can open multiple bins at the same time in their own window or docked to a panel. This makes it easy to drag clips between two bins. Start this lesson where you left off in the previous section, or load Lesson 02-03.prproj from the Lesson 02 folder.

  1. Double-click the stills bin you just created. Note that it opens in its own window. Be sure to click the bin icon, not the name of the bin.
  2. Practice dragging clips from this new window to other bins and back.
  3. Dock the new stills bin with another panel to try a different method of organizing your bins.
  4. Close the stills bin by clicking the x on its tab. Note that the stills bin still exists in the main Project panel.

Finding assets

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 has improved the searching capability within the Project panel. The Find tool is located near the top of the Project panel.

  1. If your workspace has gotten messy, open Lesson 02-03.prproj.
  2. Type the letters med in the Search box. Notice that the movies bin and audio bin automatically expand to reveal the clips that have the letters med in their names.

    This feature is very simple yet is amazingly powerful for finding just the right clip quickly and easily.

  3. When you’re finished, clear all the text in the Search box so all the files are visible.
  4. Click the Find icon at the bottom of the Project panel to experiment with a more detailed, specific search tool. This tool is helpful when you have a lot of assets and the search tool is not specific enough.
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