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Fill Transparent Areas with Realistic Content

Fill Transparent Areas with Realistic Content

Before warping any new layer, you should fill the transparent areas behind that layer with realistic-looking content. This ensures that as you warp the edges of the layer, there is a believable background behind it. For this example, I needed to fill the areas along the side of the lighthouse with sky and cloud textures because I intended to warp the lighthouse inward.

To accomplish this, I turned off the lighthouse layer’s visibility, selected the original layer, then made a rough selection around the transparency and choose Edit > Fill > Contents Use: Content-Aware, as seen in Figure 3.

Figure 3 The Content-Aware option inside the Fill dialog is a great way to fill the gaps behind your warp layer.

The result of using Content-Aware Fill doesn’t necessarily need to cover the entire transparent area, only those spots that will reveal transparent background pixels when warped. Figure 4 provides an example of this.

Figure 4 After using Content-Aware Fill to create a background for the warp regions, the remaining transparent areas will be covered by the new layer.

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