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Directory Dilemma

I'm an organized guy. When I'm working on a Flash project, I like to keep published movies in a folder called flash and keep original files in a folder called fla, inside the flash folder. This makes the file list in the folders easier to read because I am separating the original Flash documents from their published finals. This used to be frustrating because every time I published a movie, I'd have to move the .swf file into the other folder. But then I discovered a trick.


Open the Publish Settings dialog box and click the Formats tab. See the little folder icon next to the filename for each file type? Click it; then choose a folder. You can publish files to any directory you want to.

If you are using the same organizational structure as me, type two dots and a colon (..:) before the filenames in Publish Settings, as shown in Figure 3. For example, if movie.fla is saved in a folder called fla, and I want the published movie to go into the flash folder (the fla folder is inside the flash folder), I enter ..:movie.swf for the Flash filename. When I publish the movie, or just run a test movie, the .swf file is put into the flash folder, right where it should be.

Figure 3Figure 3 Two dots and a colon publish a file one level up in your directory structure.

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