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To target appearances to a group or layer:

To target appearance attributes to a whole group or top-level layer, click its target circle on the Layers palette. A ring will appear around the circle, indicting an active target, and all the objects in that group or on that layer will become selected in the illustration. (Shift-click the ring to un-target.)

Understanding the icons

One of three icons may display in the upper portion of the Appearance palette to the right of the word "Layer" or "Group" 1:

  • means a stroke or fill is applied to a layer or group.

  • means an effect is applied to a layer or group.

  • means transparency is applied to a layer or group.

The generic name for the currently targeted item-"Layer," "Group," or "Object"- is listed in boldface at the top of the Appearance palette. If an object is targeted, and that object is nested within a layer and/or group to which appearance attributes have been applied, the words "Layer" and/or "Group" will appear above the word "Object" at the top of the palette to indicate its position in the stacking order 2-3.

To copy or move appearance attributes via the Layers palette:

To copy appearance attributes, Option-drag/ Alt-drag the target circle for the item from which you want to copy onto the target circle for another layer, group, or object.


To move appearance attributes from one item to another, drag a target circle from one layer, group, or object to another without holding down any keys 4. The appearance attributes will be removed from the original layer, group, or object.

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