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From the book Using the Eyedropper with Type

Using the Eyedropper with Type

The Eyedropper tool lets you copy styling and appearance attributes from one type object to another. Double-click the tool to specify in Eyedropper Options which attributes will be picked up or applied with the Eyedropper tool. In addition to specifying whether you’ll be picking up character styles and/or paragraph styles, the Eyedropper tool can also copy type object Appearance attributes (see the next section, “Using the Appearance Panel with Type” for more about Character versus Type level attributes).

For a one-step method, select the type object with appearance attributes you want to change, and then move the Eyedropper tool over the unselected type object that has the attributes you want and click on it.

Alternatively, the Eyedropper tool works in another mode: sampling and applying. A small T means it is in position to sample or apply text attributes. To copy text formatting from one object to another using the Eyedropper tool, position it over an unselected type object. When it angles downward to the left, click the type object to pick up its attributes.

Now position the Eyedropper tool over the unselected text object to which you want to apply the attributes, and hold down the Option/Alt key. In applying mode, it angles downward to the right, and looks full. To apply the attributes that you just sampled, move the cursor to the text you want to change and click. (A simple click will apply the sampled attributes to the whole paragraph; you can also drag the cursor to apply the attributes only to the specific text you dragged over.)

Figure 7 Artist Donal Jolley had to convert type to outlines in order to reshape the U and N type characters

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