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FuelBooks Holiday Tip: Time for a Post-Holiday Purge? Sell Your Stuff on eBay by Creating Effective Photos with Simple Backgrounds
By Alan Hess
Dec 11, 2013
Alan Hess, author of Shooting for eBay: Creating Simple and Effective Product Shots for Online Auctions and Sales, shows you how to create his favorite clean background for eBay photos.
FuelBooks Holiday Tip: Compose a Photograph with Multiple People for Your Holiday Card
By Dan Ablan
Dec 10, 2013
In this excerpt from his FuelBook, Composition for Portraiture: Creating Compelling Headshots, Group Shots, and Senior Pictures, Dan Ablan shows you that the way you can be more creative with group composition is to photograph them in small groups.
A Photographer's Gear Guide for Expanding to Video
By Jefferson Graham
Dec 9, 2013
Are you a photographer who is interested in getting into video? Jefferson Graham, author of Video Nation: A DIY guide to planning, shooting, and sharing great video from USA Today's Talking Tech host, gets you started with a list of his favorite video gear.
FuelBooks Holiday Tip: Less Is More for Your Holiday Card
By Khara Plicanic
Dec 9, 2013
Khara Plicanic shares a tip on how to get the most out of your holiday card in this excerpt from her FuelBook, Design Your Own Holiday Cards: Three DIY Projects with Photoshop & Photoshop Elements.
Adobe LiveCycle Designer: Working with PDF and Acrobat
By J. P. Terry
Dec 5, 2013
Learn how to create these various types of PDFs and understand how and why to use each one.
Perfect Photo Suite 8: Perfect Effects
By Dan Moughamian
Dec 5, 2013
Dan Moughamian invites you to join him for the second of two articles covering the best new features in Perfect Photo Suite 8 from onOne Software. This installment focuses on the newly revamped Perfect Effects module, which includes many new filters and presets, new masking tech, creative blurring options from the old Focal Point plugin, and a new user interface.
Exciting Updates to Flash Professional CC
By Joseph Labrecque
Dec 4, 2013
Experienced instructor and Flash Platform expert Joseph Labrecque presents an introduction to much of what is new in Flash Professional CC; namely, the introduction of native HTML5 Canvas.
Questions for Photographer Frank Doorhof, author of "Mastering the Model Shoot"
By Frank Doorhof
Dec 3, 2013
International fashion and glamor photographer Frank Doorhof shares stories about sneaking onto rooftops, the weirdest prop he's ever used, and the most common mistake photographers make when lighting a model.
Mastering the Model Shoot: Clothing & Styling (The Most Important Things)
By Frank Doorhof
Dec 2, 2013
In our quest to recreate a certain look, we often forget the most important parts of the image: location, styling, and makeup. Without these vital elements, an image is nothing more than, well, an image.
Speaker Camp: Structuring Your Presentation
By Russ Unger, Samantha Starmer
Nov 28, 2013
Creating an underlying structure for your presentation will greatly assist with the winnowing and clarifying steps you will be going through as you refine your presentation. A strong structure can also help you avoid feeling overwhelmed by the effort of birthing a fully blown set of slides from the germ of an idea you are starting with.
Lighting Environments and Architecture in Animation
By Jeremy Birn
Nov 26, 2013
Direct light from the sun, soft illumination from the sky, and indirect light blend their colors and tones in subtle ways. This chapter discusses how you can use these three elements to simulate natural light outdoors and indoors, by day or by night.
The Many-Faced Infographic: Brooklyn, Elephants, and the Visualization of Data
By Alberto Cairo
Nov 25, 2013
Alberto Cairo, author of The Functional Art: An introduction to information graphics and visualization, suggests that when creating interactive visualizations for general readers, you need to offer readers the opportunity to visualize the data in multiple and perhaps more traditional ways.
Organizing Your Content in Adobe Premiere Elements 12
By . Adobe Creative Team
Nov 21, 2013
Fast and efficient movie production requires organization before and during the edit. When you’re working with content from multiple sources and dates, Adobe Organizer is a very powerful tool for categorizing content and quickly finding video, audio clips, and pictures to use in your projects.
Product Design for the Web: No Dead Ends
By Randy J. Hunt
Nov 19, 2013
Every experience that people have with digital products involves interactions over time, choices between multiple actions, user feedback, presentation of information, requirements for input, and demands on attention. Etsy creative director Randy J. Hunt explains that it’s important for us to consider exactly what we are creating when we design a digital product: how it is experienced, how it is constructed, how it works, and the connection between those three factors.
Responsive Design with Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Edge Reflow CC (Preview)
By Brian Wood
Nov 18, 2013
Ever since responsive design came into being, designers and developers have been faced with workflow challenges. Do you design several iterations (mobile, tablet, desktop) in a program like Photoshop and hope an explanation of interactivity will suffice, or do you design “in-browser,” or a combination? Adobe expert Brian Wood shows how by using Edge Reflow CC and Photoshop CC, a designer can create a working mockup that will give the client an idea of what the finished responsive design will look like.
Drawing Rounded Forms Using Wacom and the iPad
By Cher Threinen-Pendarvis
Nov 14, 2013
In this excerpt from The Photoshop and Painter Artist Tablet Book: Creative Techniques in Digital Painting Using Wacom and the iPad, 2nd Edition, Cher Threinen-Pendarvis shows you how to draw a rounded form using brushes in Photoshop.
Creative Techniques in Digital Painting Using Wacom and the iPad: Setting up Your Intuos5 Tablet for Your Non-Dominant Hand
By Cher Threinen-Pendarvis
Nov 12, 2013
In this excerpt from The Photoshop and Painter Artist Tablet Book: Creative Techniques in Digital Painting Using Wacom and the iPad, 2nd Edition, Cher Threinen-Pendarvis shows you how you can easily change the orientation and set up your tablet for right or left-handed users.
Invigorating Your Photography Portfolio: A Q&A with Lindsay Adler
By Lindsay Adler
Nov 11, 2013
Lindsay Adler talks about her new book, Creative 52: Weekly Projects to Invigorate Your Photography Portfolio, which provides 52 weekly challenges that push photographers to experiment with new concepts, techniques, and post-processing tools, culminating in a unique and eye-catching portfolio.
Ten Tips for Learning How to DRAW!
By Robin Landa
Nov 7, 2013
Drawing is a boundlessly rewarding activity. In this article, Robin Landa presents ten tips to help you start drawing or improve or refresh your drawing skills. These ten key pointers about technique and graphic space will help you transform your marks into drawings that actually resemble what you’re picturing in your head.
Creative Techniques in Digital Painting Using Wacom and the iPad: Enhancing the Focal Point
By Cher Threinen-Pendarvis
Nov 5, 2013
In this excerpt from The Photoshop and Painter Artist Tablet Book: Creative Techniques in Digital Painting Using Wacom and the iPad, 2nd Edition, Cher Threinen-Pendarvis focuses on the composition process, simulating natural-media textures and creatively resolving the work.

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