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How to Compose a Soundtrack in GarageBand on Your iPad and iPhone
By Jeff Carlson
Aug 12, 2014
Using Apple’s GarageBand app on the iPhone or iPad, you can easily assemble a song. In this chapter from iPad and iPhone Video: Film, Edit, and Share the Apple Way, learn how to calculate tempo from movie length, build a soundtrack using loops, record your own material, and share the song using iMovie.
Activities: Key Tools in Your Adobe Target Optimization Tool Belt
By Brian Hawkins, Lily Chiu-Watson
Aug 11, 2014
By the end of this lesson from Adobe Target Classroom in a Book, you should have a holistic view of how activity variation will allow you to get the most out of your optimization efforts.
Cinereous, Cochineal, Cerulean: 10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Color Theory
By Rose Gonnella
Aug 7, 2014
What jumps into your mind on reading this author's first name? Rose Gonnella, co-author of Design Fundamentals: Notes on Color Theory, says that many of your synapses would have sparked at seeing the color name 'rose.' Whether your mental image leans more toward blushing pink or velvety red, color is constantly affecting you and the world around you. See it in a new light.
Recording and Editing Software Instruments in GarageBand
By Mary Plummer
Aug 6, 2014
In this lesson from Apple Pro Training Series: GarageBand, you’ll learn recording and editing techniques for building music with Software Instrument regions. You’ll also learn how to change instruments for Software Instrument tracks in the timeline.
Creating and Editing Files in Unix and Linux
By Eric J. Ray, Deborah S. Ray
Aug 4, 2014
In this chapter from Unix and Linux: Visual QuickStart Guide, 5th Edition, learn two of the most common editors: nano and vi. This chapter offers a general overview of each, and then discusses some how-tos of using each one.
Arranging Photos by Faces and Places in iPhoto
By Dion Scoppettuolo
Jul 30, 2014
What do you do when you want to see photos of specific people or look at photos taken at the cabin you rent every winter? Thankfully, you can put iPhoto to work finding all the people and all the places in your photos. Dion Scoppettuolo shows you how in this chapter from Apple Pro Training Series: iPhoto.
Sharing Video and Photos Using AirDrop on iOS
By Dion Scoppettuolo
Jul 29, 2014
Are you still using email to send photos or video clips to friends and family? Apple Pro expert Dion Scoppettuolo shows you how using AirDrop for iOS can make it easier if the person you're sharing with is right next to you.
Photoshop CC (2014 release) Visual Quick Start: Refocusing
By Elaine Weinmann, Peter Lourekas
Jul 28, 2014
In this chapter from Photoshop CC: Visual QuickStart Guide (2014 release), you’ll blur areas of an image using the Field Blur, Iris Blur, Tilt-Shift, Path Blur, and Spin Blur filters (collectively called the Blur Gallery). And you will apply sharpening via the Smart Sharpen, Unsharp Mask, and Shake Reduction filters, and via the Sharpen tool.
Having Fun with iMovie Trailers
By Dion Scoppettuolo
Jul 24, 2014
In this lesson from Apple Pro Training Series: iMovie you'll select a movie genre and then customize a storyline to fit your home video. Finally, you'll add clips according to the iMovie storyboard directions.
An Interview with Rose Gonnella and Max Friedman on Design Fundamentals: Notes on Color Theory
By Peachpit, Max Friedman, Rose Gonnella
Jul 23, 2014
Peachpit tries (and mostly fails) to get straight answers from Rose Gonnella and Max Friedman, co-authors of the gorgeous and witty new book, Design Fundamentals: Notes on Color Theory.
Pacing for Video and Cinema Editors: Timing and Types of Cuts
By Ross Hockrow
Jul 22, 2014
Pacing is your single most important editing philosophy and is the hardest to grasp. In this chapter from Out of Order: Storytelling Techniques for Video and Cinema Editors, Ross Hockrow defines pacing and discusses the principles of pacing and the timing and types of cuts.
Processing Photos in Lightroom's Develop Module
By Jan Kabili
Jul 21, 2014
Jan Kabili shows you how to use the intuitive controls in Lightroom’s Develop module to adjust color, tone, and composition without changing the pixels in your photographs.
Animating Shapes with Shape Tweens in Adobe Flash Professional CC (2014 release)
By Russell Chun
Jul 18, 2014
You’ll start the lesson by viewing the animated logo that you’ll create as you learn about shape tweens and masks in Flash, in this chapter from Adobe Flash Professional CC Classroom in a Book (2014 release).
Sports Photography Tip for Experienced Photographers: Mastering Impeccable Technique for Sport Portraits
By Tom Bol
Jul 17, 2014
In this excerpt from Adventure Sports Photography: Creating Dramatic Images in Wild Places, Tom Bol shows you how to achieve but impeccable technique with your flash portrait photography.
Sports Photography FuelTip for Experienced Photographers: Photographing Rock Climbers
By Tom Bol
Jul 16, 2014
In this excerpt from Adventure Sports Photography: Creating Dramatic Images in Wild Places, Tom Bol shows you how to safely and effectively photograph rock climbers.
Sports Photography FuelTip for Experienced Photographers: Shooting Different Swimming Strokes
By Peter Read Miller
Jul 15, 2014
In this excerpt from Peter Read Miller on Sports Photography: A Sports Illustrated photographer's tips, tricks, and tales on shooting football, the Olympics, and portraits of athletes, learn the best way to photograph certain swimming strokes.
iPad for Photographers: The iPad in the Studio
By Jeff Carlson
Jul 9, 2014
Jeff Carlson shares all sorts of creative possibilities for using your iPad in your photography studio, in this chapter from The iPad for Photographers: Master the Newest Tool in Your Camera Bag, 3rd Edition.
The Photoshop Elements Secret to Fixing Group Shots
By Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski
Jul 7, 2014
With Photoshop Elements’ Group Shot feature, as long as you have a few photos to choose from, you can create the perfect group photo, even if someone has their eyes closed.
Sports Photography FuelTip for Beginning Photographers: Crop for Impact
By Alan Hess
Jul 3, 2014
In this excerpt from Photographing Outdoor Sports, Alan Hess shows you how cropping your sports photo can give you better composition, fewer distractions, and enhanced movement.
Sports Photography FuelTip for Beginning Photographers: Posing Individuals
By Alan Hess
Jul 2, 2014
In this excerpt from Sports Portraits: Tips and Techniques for Capturing Athletic Photographs, Alan Hess offers tips for posing an individual athlete.

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