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Apple’s MobileMe: Hot or Not?
By Terry White
Aug 15, 2008
Author Terry White shares his likes and dislikes of Apple's new MobileMe service. If you use lots of calendars, you may want to read this before subscribing.
Apple's .Mac Storage Solution: What You Need to Know About iDisk
By David Reynolds
Jul 7, 2006
iDisk is a .Mac utility that lets you store your files on servers maintained by Apple. In this chapter, learn how to use your iDisk—how to connect to it, how to copy files to it, and how to use the folders stored on it.
Apple's Free iTunes Rocks
By Bob LeVitus
Jul 1, 2001
by Bob LeVitus, author of The Little iTunes Book
Apple's Generation 5 iPod vs. Sony's PSP
By Matthew David
Dec 9, 2005
Matthew David compares the Gen 5 iPod to the Sony PSP and reluctantly concludes that Sony will come out the loser. Again.
AppleScript and Automator: What's the Difference?
By Ben Waldie
Mar 16, 2009
Ben Waldie points out the differences and similarities in Automator and AppleScript, explaining when to use each one to save yourself some keystrokes (and headaches).
Arranging Photos by Faces and Places in iPhoto
By Dion Scoppettuolo
Jul 30, 2014
What do you do when you want to see photos of specific people or look at photos taken at the cabin you rent every winter? Thankfully, you can put iPhoto to work finding all the people and all the places in your photos. Dion Scoppettuolo shows you how in this chapter from Apple Pro Training Series: iPhoto.
Author Interview: Lisa Brenneis and Michael Wohl
By Lisa Brenneis, Michael Wohl
Dec 7, 2011
Hot on the heels of the release of their new book, Final Cut Pro X Visual QuickStart Guide, expert authors, filmmakers and teachers Lisa Brenneis and Michael Wohl sat down with us to discuss Final Cut Pro and a few more things besides!
Author Talk: Richard Harrington and Robbie Carman on Making Video with Apple Final Cut Studio and Adobe Creative Suite
By Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel, Robbie Carman, Richard Harrington
Nov 26, 2012
Richard Harrington and Robbie Carman are both Apple Certified Trainers and have extensive backgrounds in video production. They talk with publisher Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel about their book Video Made on a Mac: Production and Postproduction Using Apple Final Cut Studio and Adobe Creative Suite, explain who it is written for, and reveal why the Mac is their platform of choice for professional endeavors.
Automator for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: Working with Actions
By Ben Waldie
Dec 9, 2009
To do anything truly useful, you need to add actions to your workflow, and you need to configure those actions to do what you want. The techniques you learn in this chapter will apply to working with virtually any action within an Automator workflow.
Backing up Open Directory: Recovering the Foundation of a Mac OS X Server Infrastructure
By Ryan Faas
Jul 21, 2006
Directory services such as Mac OS X Server's Open Directory (or Microsoft's Active Directory) are the critical bones of user account and computer management in a network. Because these systems are so mission critical, you need to ensure that you can back up and restore them properly with little downtime. Ryan Faas details the necessity, methods, and the special considerations involved in backing up Open Directory domains with Mac OS X Server.
Beginner's Guide to Editing in the Final Cut Pro HD Timeline
By Diana Weynand
Dec 15, 2006
In this 60-minute Apple-certified lesson, you'll learn how to use the Timeline in Final Cut Pro. By the end of the hour, you'll have learned how to select and move clips in the Timeline, copy and paste clips, select multiple clips in the Timeline, work with the Snapping control and more.
Brother, Can You Spare Ten Sense? Getting Mac OS X on the Cheap
By Ross Scott Rubin
Apr 5, 2002
Mac OS X, Apple’s latest operating system, can bring an older Mac into a multiplatform world, if you know how to coax it into the 21st Century. Author Ross Scott Rubin examines two utilities that claim to allow older Macs and even Mac clones to run Mac OS X, and discovers how well they fulfill their mission.
Building a Basic AppleScriptObjC (Cocoa-AppleScript) Application with Xcode
By Ben Waldie
Sep 6, 2012
Ben Waldie, author of Automator for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: Visual QuickStart Guide and host of the Mac Automation Made Simple video training series, shows us how to create a simple interface-based AppleScript project. With Xcode and AppleScriptObjC, you can use what you learn here to develop more advanced solutions that simplify and speed up everyday Mac activities.
Building a Mac Home Media Center, Part 1: How To Get iTV Capabilities Today, For Less
By Ryan Faas
Nov 10, 2006
Apple's forthcoming iTV promises to place all your digital media on your TV. But what if you don't want to wait months before enjoying your iTune's music and video or iPhoto pictures in your living room? And is iTV really worth the price? Ryan Faas looks at the options that exist right now and tells you why you might actually be able to spend less money and get a more rounded solution today.
Building a Mac Home Media Center, Part 2: Watching and Recording TV with Your Mac
By Ryan Faas
Nov 17, 2006
No home media center is complete without a way to watch TV. When building a Mac media center, Elgato's EyeTV software not only enables you to watch TV, but its digital recording capabilities also allow you to replace your TiVo or the cable company's DVR device. In part two of Ryan Faas's series on building a Mac home media center, find out what hardware you need to watch and record live and scheduled TV programming on your Mac, as well as all the ways you can use that video once it has been recorded.
Building a Mac Home Media Center, Part 3: Creating the Ultimate Home Media Network
By Ryan Faas
Dec 1, 2006
What if you could build a home network that allowed you access to all of your movies, music, and photos in every room of your house--on TVs and computers--for everyone to share whenever they wanted? If that sounds too cool to be easy or inexpensive, think again. In this final article in his series on building the ultimate Mac media center, Ryan Faas shows you how to create the ultimate home media experience--much more simply and for less money than you think.
Building a Rough Cut in Final Cut Pro X
By Diana Weynand
Mar 13, 2013
In this lesson you’ll build a rough cut using the source media you’ve imported. To begin, you will create a new project, and mark clips you’ve placed in Keyword Collections. Then, you’ll choose your Favorite clips and edit them into the project to create a primary storyline.
Building a Simple Image Processor with AppleScriptObjC (Cocoa-AppleScript)
By Ben Waldie
Jan 28, 2013
Ben Waldie, author of Mac Automation Made Simple, demonstrates how to use basic application-building techniques with AppleScriptObjC and Xcode to create powerful applications for manipulating images - rotating, flipping, scaling, and more.
Can't We All Just Get Along? Easy Ways To Integrate Mac and Windows Servers
By Ryan Faas
Dec 1, 2005
Life used to be simple: Your company was a Mac shop or a Windows shop. These days, the line between the two platforms is blurring, with many organizations using servers and workstations of both platforms for various functionalities. Ryan Faas explains some simple ways for system administrators to reduce the headaches of a multiplatform business.
Capturing Video on your Mac
By Dave Taylor
Jul 16, 2004
You have 100 hours of favorite TV programs and movies sitting on the hard disk of your DVR. So how do you get some of them into your Macintosh and thence onto a DVD disk? "It'll cost a few bucks, but it's easy!" says author Dave Taylor.

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