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Scratching the Surface of the Google Glass Mirror API
By Joe Casabona
May 22, 2014
If your development specialty is web design, you might wonder why you would need to be familiar with the Mirror API in order to develop apps for Google Glass. Isn't the Google Development Kit (GDK) enough? Joe Casabona, author of Web Designer's Guide to Google Glass, explores the additional features and capabilities that the Mirror API brings to the table.
iPad and iPhone for the Birds
By Lisa L. Spangenberg
Mar 4, 2014
Are you a bird enthusiast, like Lisa L. Spangenberg, author of Meet iPhoto for iOS 6? With your iOS device and the birding apps described in this article, you can skip old-fashioned manual searching through cumbersome and silent field guides. A few taps will lead you to detailed information about the feathery fellows hanging out in your neighborhood.
How to Produce a Virtual Drum Track with Logic Pro X
By David Nahmani
Feb 12, 2014
In Logic Pro X, you can speed up the process of producing drum tracks by taking advantage of the new Drummer feature along with its companion software instrument, Drum Kit Designer. In this lesson, you will produce a virtual drum track to start producing a new imaginary indie-rock song.
The Minecraft Guide for Parents: Getting Started
By Cori Dusmann
Dec 25, 2013
Cori Dusmann covers the options for purchasing Minecraft, as well as the steps involved in downloading and installing Minecraft.
An Introduction to Minecraft: What Parents Should Know
By Cori Dusmann
Dec 19, 2013
Minecraft has become a household name over the past couple of years. Cori Dusmann explains some of the basics of the game, exploring what makes it fascinating to players of all ages.
Managing The Holidays With Your iPhone or iPad
By Lisa L. Spangenberg
Dec 18, 2013
Lisa Spangenberg offers up her favorite iPhone and iPad apps for making shopping, cooking, and entertaining a little bit easier.
Nikon D7100: The Professional Modes
By John Batdorff
Jul 19, 2013
If you really want to take that next step in controlling your photography, it is essential that you understand not only how to control aperture and shutter speed, but why you are controlling them. John Batdorff explores the modes of the Nikon D7100, including Programmed Auto Mode, Shutter Priority Mode, Aperture Priority Mode, and Manual Mode.
You Are Not Your Work
By Michael Janda
Jul 10, 2013
Michael Janda explains that in order to succeed in the design industry, it is imperative that you remember that you are not merely the sum of your work. If you interpret design critique as a character critique, you are setting yourself up in a defensive position that will impede your ability to improve your design skills and adapt to different creative environments.
A Guide to Newborn Baby Photography: The Planning Stage
By Robin Long
Jun 27, 2013
In this chapter you’ll learn how to prepare and plan your newborn sessions, which baby tools every newborn photographer needs, and how to work with parents. This information will help you stay organized, gain trust, and complete a successful sales session by learning to shoot for the products you want to sell.
How to Shop on Your Kindle Fire
By Scott McNulty
Feb 4, 2013
This chapter shows you how to use the Shop app to buy a variety of things right from your Kindle Fire with a few taps.
Get the Most out of Mail and with Your Microsoft Surface Tablet
By Joni Blecher
Jan 23, 2013
This chapter from Microsoft Surface: Visual QuickStart Guide focuses on the Mail app and how it, along with People and Calendar, uses to do more on the tablet.
iPhone App Anthem: Using Apps & the App Store
By Scott Kelby, Terry White
Jan 22, 2013
Scott Kelby and Terry White show you how to download iPhone apps to your computer, get apps from your iPhone's app store, delete, update and rearrange apps, quickly switch to another app, cut the app clutter by creating folders, access more apps at the bottom of your screen, use Apple's own downloadable apps, and access your audio controls while in another app.
Filmmaking with Your iPad or iPhone: Prepping the Shoot
By Taz Goldstein
Jan 2, 2013
Preparing for a shoot takes many forms. It might be knowing where to look for a hard-to-find prop. It might be having the right tools mastered for your next location scout. It might be understanding the importance of a release form. It all comes down to this: The more you prepare, the greater your chances for success.
Using Your iPhone as a Phone
By Lynn Beighley
Dec 25, 2012
Don’t forget, your iPhone is also a telephone. And not just a simple phone, but one that helps you, among other things, keep and organize your contacts, view records of calls you’ve made, manage numbers you call frequently, conduct calls with speakerphone and mute, and retrieve voicemail. In this chapter, you’ll take some time to discover just how your iPhone functions as a phone.
Working with Text on the Google Nexus 7 Tablet
By Chris Fehily
Dec 24, 2012
Learn how to use onscreen or physical keyboards, type in other languages, cut, copy, and paste text, and dictate text on the Google Nexus 7 tablet.
Why to Buy a Nexus 7 Instead of an iPad mini
By Chris Fehily
Oct 31, 2012
Thinking of buying an iPad mini? Chris Fehily, author of Google Nexus 7 Tablet: Visual QuickStart Guide, suggests you hold back a bit and consider the relative technical merits of the Nexus 7 and its operating system, Android.
Understanding the New Google+ Layout
By Colby Brown
Aug 6, 2012
Colby Brown, author of Google+ for Photographers, was pleasantly surprised by the updated interface for Google+ that was unveiled on April 11. He points out some of the new and changed features that will make you a Google+ believer.
OS X Mountain Lion: Game Center for Playing with Friends
By Lynn Beighley
Jul 26, 2012
Game Center is an app that manages your collection of Mac games, keeping track of them and giving you an easy way to boast about your prowess to others. But it’s much more than that. Use Game Center to connect with friends, and see what games they’re playing and how well they are doing. In this excerpt from OS X Mountain Lion: Peachpit Learning Series, Lynn Beighley shows you how to use it.
Listening to Music on Your Kindle Fire
By Scott McNulty
Apr 5, 2012
This chapter will cover the music interface and all the ways to get music onto your Fire, as well as what to do with it when it is there.
Handheld Moviemaking: iMovie on the iPhone
By Joanna Silber
Apr 4, 2012
Joanna Silber hated using iMovie from the first minute she opened it on her iPhone. Then she started working with it, and the app pretty rapidly changed her mind. Read what this iMovie convert says about it now.

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