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The Google Phone Pocket Guide: On the Radios
By Jason D. O'Grady
Jul 29, 2009
This chapter provides lots of information about the gPhone's various radios (the chips that the gPhone uses for communicating via 3G, Wi-Fi, Global Positioning System (GPS), and Bluetooth), including the most important tip of all: how to turn them off to conserve battery life.
Socialized Survey: Stagnation #1 Reason for Leaving a Social Network
By Joel Postman
Jul 27, 2009
Why does someone choose to join or leave a social network? Read Joel Postman's survey results to find out.
Why Johnny Can't Tweet
By Joel Postman
Jul 20, 2009
The Post-Fact Era is challenging basic assumptions about educational methods and curriculum. Joel Postman asks if there is a place at the table for social media education.
Working with Gmail Contact Groups
By Steve Schwartz
Jun 11, 2009
Since the 2006 release of Google Gmail: Visual QuickStart Guide, new features have been added to the popular browser-based email client. In this addendum to the book, author Steve Schwartz explains how to create, use, and manage contact groups.
How Social Media Built the Obama Brand: Understanding the Past
By Rahaf Harfoush
Jun 4, 2009
Rahaf Harfoush looks at some of the important technological innovations that made many aspects of the Obama campaign possible and examines the political decisions that allowed the Obama team to be innovative with their social media strategy.
iTunes and You
By Christopher Breen
May 28, 2009
To best understand what makes the iPod’s world turn, you must be familiar with how it and iTunes 8 work together to move music (as well as pictures, videos, and games, in the case of some recent iPods) on and off your iPod. In the following pages, you’ll see just that.
Online Community Handbook: Member Recruitment
By Anna Buss, Nancy Strauss
Mar 26, 2009
Learn some ways that you can design your community and website to be user magnets, attracting traffic while you sit back and watch the population grow. Also learn how to run successful recruitment campaigns and how to convert casual website visitors into loyal members.
Privacy and Security on Facebook
By Dave Awl
Mar 18, 2009
As long as you exercise a little caution, there’s no reason the time you spend on Facebook should be any more perilous than a night on the town with friends. In both cases, it’s important to keep your wits about you, know the lay of the land, and think before you share too much info with people you don’t know very well.
Seven Rules for Establishing a Corporate Presence on Twitter
By Joel Postman
Mar 2, 2009
These “rules” by Joel Postman will guide you in building trust with consumers, and that includes assuring them that they are dealing with an authorized company representative.
Responding to the Social Media Mobocracy
By Joel Postman
Feb 23, 2009
No company “has” to be on Twitter, but with the low cost of entry, and the opportunity to get involved in and learn from some of these discussions (and possibly head some of them off before they become blog posts and social media failure case studies), why wouldn’t you?
Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read: The Dashboard
By Scott McNulty
Feb 2, 2009
Scott McNulty takes a look at the anatomy of the Dashboard in WordPress. Along the way, he points out what you can change.
Using the "View Map" Feature of the Garmin Nuvi
By Jason D. O'Grady
Dec 3, 2008
Jason D. O'Grady reviews the features of the "View Map" feature of the Garmin Nuvi, including Map Screen, Turn List and Trip Computer.
Customizing WordPress with Google AdSense Ads
By Miraz Jordan
Nov 24, 2008
Placing ads in your WordPress blog may not earn you a big wad of cash, but Google AdSense makes the process easy enough that it's worth the effort. Miraz Jordan shows how simply you can get rolling with AdSense.
Working with Raw Files in Capture NX 2
By Ben Long
Nov 3, 2008
Ben Long looks at Capture NX’s raw processing capabilities for Nikon cameras.
Living for the Weekend with Your Palm Centro
By Patrick Ames
Oct 29, 2008
This chapter explains why you shouldn't reserve your Palm Centro for use only during the week.
Digital Video Editing Tips: Organizing Your Video
By Michael Rubin
Oct 27, 2008
this chapter will guide you in how to label tapes, take notes efficiently, and prepare for editing should you decide that’s what you want to do.
Mail and Calendar
By Christopher Breen
Oct 21, 2008
Christopher Breen explains the ins and outs of iPhone's Mail and Calendar applications.
Solve a Problem: Reconcile a Household Budget
By Richard Harrington
Oct 20, 2008
This chapter offers an exercise to teach students how to produce a budget to evaluate their household expenditures.
Apple’s MobileMe: Hot or Not?
By Terry White
Aug 15, 2008
Author Terry White shares his likes and dislikes of Apple's new MobileMe service. If you use lots of calendars, you may want to read this before subscribing.
Return on Investment: Seven Business Benefits of Tagging Systems
By Gene Smith
Jun 20, 2008
Implementing a tagging system for your site may sound unnecessary or even painful. But Gene Smith points out that tagging can provide significant advantages in exchange for a relatively small investment of time and energy on your part.

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