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Working with Raw Files in Capture NX 2
By Ben Long
Nov 3, 2008
Ben Long looks at Capture NX’s raw processing capabilities for Nikon cameras.
Living for the Weekend with Your Palm Centro
By Patrick Ames
Oct 29, 2008
This chapter explains why you shouldn't reserve your Palm Centro for use only during the week.
Digital Video Editing Tips: Organizing Your Video
By Michael Rubin
Oct 27, 2008
this chapter will guide you in how to label tapes, take notes efficiently, and prepare for editing should you decide that’s what you want to do.
Mail and Calendar
By Christopher Breen
Oct 21, 2008
Christopher Breen explains the ins and outs of iPhone's Mail and Calendar applications.
Solve a Problem: Reconcile a Household Budget
By Richard Harrington
Oct 20, 2008
This chapter offers an exercise to teach students how to produce a budget to evaluate their household expenditures.
Apple’s MobileMe: Hot or Not?
By Terry White
Aug 15, 2008
Author Terry White shares his likes and dislikes of Apple's new MobileMe service. If you use lots of calendars, you may want to read this before subscribing.
Return on Investment: Seven Business Benefits of Tagging Systems
By Gene Smith
Jun 20, 2008
Implementing a tagging system for your site may sound unnecessary or even painful. But Gene Smith points out that tagging can provide significant advantages in exchange for a relatively small investment of time and energy on your part.
The Beginner's Guide to Doing Everything In iTunes
By John Tollett, Robin Williams
Jun 18, 2008
Best-selling authors Robin Williams and John Tollett share their best tips and tricks for working with music, movies, podcasts, Internet radio stations, and more in iTunes 'O8.
How To Buy and Rent Media To Play on Your Apple TV
By Jeff Carlson
May 2, 2008
In this excerpt from The Apple TV Pocket Guide, Second Edition, author Jeff Carlson tells you how to buy cool stuff to watch on your Apple TV using either your computer or the Apple TV itself.
Liven Up Your Design Through Repetition
By Robin Williams
Apr 2, 2008
Author Robin Williams offers practical, fun advice on creating continuity through repetition to make your design work appear more cohesive and professional.
The Three White Girls from YouTube: A Modern Day Fable
By Mark Stephen Meadows
Feb 29, 2008
What is real online? Does it matter? Author Mark Stephen Meadows explores the role of the avatar using the stories of three white girls from YouTube and the debate that resulted from their collective fame.
Peachpit Exclusive: Interview with Legendary Computer and Photography Book Author Scott Kelby
By Scott Kelby
Feb 19, 2008
In this exclusive interview, bestselling Photoshop and technology book author Scott Kelby speaks with Peachpit Publisher Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel about being the top-selling computer book author for the fourth straight year, making the transition from podcast to television, his latest book projects, his photography equipment, his workflow, and much, much more.
It's Tricky: Scott Kelby's Coolest iPod Tips & Tricks
By Scott Kelby
Feb 1, 2008
Best-selling author Scott Kelby shares a few of his best tips for getting the most out of your iPod.
Setting Up Your Mac to Use a Smartphone's Internet Connection
By Maria Langer
Feb 1, 2008
Flying clients around in her helicopter sometimes takes Maria Langer off the grid. A bit of experimenting helped her (and now maybe you!) to get connected again, using a smartphone with a Bluetooth interface, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, and a dial-up networking service.
Adding Photoshop Automation to Your Lightroom Workflow
By Scott Kelby
Nov 30, 2007
Here's a great timesaver from Scott Kelby: Create a sharpening action in Photoshop, save it as a droplet, and then use that droplet in Lightroom as an export action. Sound interesting? It is, and it's easy.
Give Lightroom Its Own Identity
By Dave Cross
Nov 30, 2007
Make Lightroom your own by creating a custom identity plate. NAPP instructor Dave Cross shows you how. He also explains how to use identity plates to create reusable, custom border effects.
Steps for Getting Accurate Color in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
By Martin Evening
Nov 30, 2007
Fashion photographer Martin Evening shows how to calibrate and profile your display to ensure that the color you see is the color you get when working in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
Basic Camera Calibration in Photoshop Lightroom
By Scott Kelby
Nov 30, 2007
Should you mess around with your camera's calibration? Maybe. If you notice a greenish or magenta tint to your photos, Scott Kelby recommends adjusting the color with Lightroom's camera calibration features.
Cloning and Healing in Lightroom
By Dave Cross
Nov 30, 2007
NAPP instructor Dave Cross explains how to use Lightroom’s Cloning and Healing tools to fix blemishes across multiple photos.
Creating Lightroom Slide Shows
By Dave Cross
Nov 30, 2007
NAPP instructor Dave Cross takes you on a tour of Lightroom’s slide show tools as he shows you how to create and customize your own slide shows in Adobe Lightroom.

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