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Creating a 'Lasers of Doom' Effect with Premiere Elements 7
By Paul Ekert
Oct 20, 2009
Continuing his series on enhancing your Premiere Elements 7 movies with cool custom effects, Paul Ekert shows how to create a laser beam blazing across the screen.
Creating Great Balls of Fire with Premiere Elements 7
By Paul Ekert
Oct 12, 2009
Paul Ekert shows how to use Premiere Elements 7 to create the illusion of a ball bursting into flames.
Q&A with Lisa Brenneis
By Lisa Brenneis, Damon Hampson
Oct 6, 2009
Peachpit marketing manager Damon Hampson interviews Lisa Brenneis, author of Final Cut Pro 7: Visual QuickPro Guide, about some of her favorite new features in Final Cut Pro 7, exciting new developments in the world of film/video production and editing, and why all-girl bands aren't for her.
Working with Projects, Sequences, and Clips in Final Cut Pro 7
By Lisa Brenneis
Oct 6, 2009
Lisa Brenneis gives an overview of Final Cut Pro's organizing frameworks—projects, sequences, and clips. You'll also learn how to manipulate that organizational framework so that your projects, sequences, and clips stay sound and organized.
The Last Video Camera You’ll Ever Need to Buy
By Noah Kadner
Oct 5, 2009
In Pursuit of the Ultimate Movie Camera: Noah Kadner imagines the attributes that would be necessary to qualify as “the only camera you’d ever need,” from resolution to sensor size to frame rate, and gauges how close we are to the goal. Shopping for a new video camera, even if your budget isn’t “ultimate”? His guide will help you understand where the technology is headed.
Video with Adobe Flash CS4 Professional: Compression and Encoding Primer
By Robert Reinhardt
Sep 15, 2009
Learn how to make the right decisions when it comes time to compress digital video and audio into Flash-compatible video files.
Building a RED ONE Camera Package
By Noah Kadner
Sep 8, 2009
Noah Kadner looks at the major categories of equipment and accessories fro the RED ONE digital cinema camera, offers his own personal recommendations.
Video Made on a Mac: Greenscreen Solutions
By Richard Harrington, Robbie Carman
Aug 26, 2009
The popularity of color (or chroma) key technology has grown immensely, bringing the technology and tools within reach of most content creators. Learn how to plan and execute greenscreen projects.
Equipment for Video Podcasting, Part 1: Basic Cameras
By Jennie Bourne
Aug 24, 2009
Jennie Bourne begins a new series on equipment options for video podcasting. In part 1, she covers options for the most basic camera choices, suitable for users who are just getting started with video.
Creating a Holo-Projector Effect with Premiere Elements 7
By Paul Ekert
Aug 10, 2009
Continuing his series on enhancing your Premiere Elements 7 movies with cool custom effects, Paul Ekert shows how to create the effect of a holographic projection.
Online Addendum to iDVD -- Part of iMovie ’09 & iDVD for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide
By Jeff Carlson
Jul 29, 2009
This addendum to Jeff Carlson's book, iMovie ’09 & iDVD for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide, covers iDvD in detail.
Creating a Replicator Effect with Premiere Elements 7
By Paul Ekert
Jul 28, 2009
Paul Ekert shows how to use standard features in Premiere Elements 7 to re-create the replicator effect made famous by the TV show 'Star Trek: The Next Generation.'
Five Cool and Useful Techniques for iMovie '09 and iDVD
By Jeff Carlson
Jul 6, 2009
It would be easy to overlook some video-editing and DVD-creation features in iMovie '09 and iDVD, as they aren't immediately apparent to a new (or even longtime) user. But these tips from Jeff Carlson are immediately useful, and loads of fun.
iDVD: Putting it All Together
By Jim Heid
Jun 25, 2009
Jim Heid shows you how to create a DVD by choosing and customizing a menu design and adding the movies and photos you want to include on the DVD.
After Effects Essentials for Flash Users
By Richard Harrington
Jun 18, 2009
For a Flash user, the core principles of After Effects will seem similar. Elements are stacked from top to bottom in a timeline and then animated with keyframes. From there, the similarities pretty much end. Rich Harrington investigates the differences.
Flash Essentials for After Effects Users
By Richard Harrington
Jun 17, 2009
Flash baffles After Effects users as often as it makes them feel comfortable. This chapter from Rich Harrington introduces you to Flash’s interface and core animation techniques.
20 Tips for Shooting Great Video
By Adobe Creative Team
Jun 16, 2009
20 tips for shooting great video, and four methods to transfer or capture your video to your workstation.
Creating a Beam of Shimmering Light with Premiere Elements 7
By Paul Ekert
Jun 16, 2009
Paul Ekert shows how to design your own 'Beam of Shimmering Light' effect that can be used over and over in countless projects.
Creating an Enchanted Object with Premiere Elements 7
By Paul Ekert
Jun 10, 2009
Science fiction and fantasy shows often feature objects frozen in midair, using the power of 'the Force' or other magical abilities. Have you ever wondered how to create this effect? Paul Ekert steps through the process of creating the illusion of an 'enchanted object.'
iMovie 09 and iDVD for Mac OS X: Lighting
By Jeff Carlson
Jun 4, 2009
Learn how basic lighting works, and how to take advantage of it to ensure that the objects you’re shooting don’t turn out to be dark, talking blobs when you’re editing.

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