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Keying in After Effects CS3
By Adobe Creative Team
Nov 12, 2008
Does the idea of keying conjure up images of a meteorologist on the evening news, or a shooting technique used in motion pictures? With After Effects, even the simplest, least-expensive project can take advantage of keying. The Adobe Creative Team takes us through a step-by-step example of this technique.
Videoblogs How-to Videos and News
By Dave Burstein, Jennie Bourne
Nov 4, 2008
Learn how to use continuity to craft effective how-to sequences and get tips about how to develop an online image for your personality-driven Web show.
Digital Video Editing Tips: Organizing Your Video
By Michael Rubin
Oct 27, 2008
this chapter will guide you in how to label tapes, take notes efficiently, and prepare for editing should you decide that’s what you want to do.
Using Keylight for Adobe After Effects CS4
By Mark Christiansen
Oct 23, 2008
If you think of a color key as an edge matte surrounded by two holdout mattes (one for the core, one for the background), how do you combine these mattes in Keylight? Mark Christiansen explains.
Using Adobe After Effects CS4: Creating Compositions in Device Central
By Adobe Creative Team
Oct 21, 2008
Learn how to create compositions in Device Central to create movies that play correctly and look as you intend on the mobile devices you choose.
Keyframing a Motion Path in Adobe After Effects CS4
By Adobe Creative Team
Oct 20, 2008
This excerpt, adapted from Adobe After Effects CS4 Classroom in a Book, shows you ways to animate a car.
Solve a Problem: Reconcile a Household Budget
By Richard Harrington
Oct 20, 2008
This chapter offers an exercise to teach students how to produce a budget to evaluate their household expenditures.
Controlling the View in the Footage Panel in After Effects CS4
By Antony Bolante
Oct 8, 2008
The Footage panel in After Effects CS4 provides a myriad of features for adjusting how you view your footage. Antony Bolante discusses helpful options such as grids, guides, rulers, magnification, and more.
Managing Media in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
By Adobe Creative Team
Oct 7, 2008
The Adobe Creative Team demonstrates how to use the Project panel's folder-like systems to keep your many audio and video files, still images, and whatnot organized.
After Effects CS4: How to Use All Those Panels
By Antony Bolante
Sep 23, 2008
When you first start working with After Effects CS4, all those many panels and tools onscreen can be really intimidating. Antony Bolante provides a quick panoramic overview of the main panels, pointing out the uses for each, to help you get familiar with the interface quickly.
Text Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4: Sheens, Strokes, Shadows, and Fill
By Adobe Creative Team
Sep 23, 2008
Working through one of the cool built-in templates that come with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, the Adobe Creative Team shows off some of the program's many text effect features.
Using a Tapeless Workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
By Adobe Creative Team
Sep 23, 2008
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 simplifies the process of working with video from a tapeless camera. The Adobe Creative Team discusses how the Adobe Premiere Pro workflow varies for the P2, XDCAM, and AVCHD tapeless formats.
News Flash: How to Log and Capture Footage from Videotape
By Joe Torelli
Jul 14, 2008
Most broadcast organizations aspire to tapeless acquisition, but the reality is that most are still using videotape in the field. This sample chapter focuses on techniques that accelerate the process of working with videotape in a nonlinear environment, specifically as it relates to fast-paced news and sports editing.
Working with Productions in Final Cut Server
By Matthew Geller
Jun 6, 2008
Streamline your editing workflow by learning how to use productions in Final Cut Server.
Intro to Image Editing in Aperture 2
By Richard Harrington, Ben Long, Orlando Luna
May 30, 2008
In this one-hour lesson, you'll learn how to import, crop, and straighten photos as well as improve white balance and remove sensor dust and red eye from your photos using Apple's Aperture 2 software.
Preprocessing: How Real Movie Magic is Made
By Andy Beach
May 5, 2008
In this excerpt from Real World Video Compression, author Andy Beach shares industrial-strength preprocessing techniques that will make your video look professional no matter what device you're watching it on.
How To Buy and Rent Media To Play on Your Apple TV
By Jeff Carlson
May 2, 2008
In this excerpt from The Apple TV Pocket Guide, Second Edition, author Jeff Carlson tells you how to buy cool stuff to watch on your Apple TV using either your computer or the Apple TV itself.
Creating a Musical Photomontage with Premiere CS3: Part 3
By Paul Ekert
Apr 30, 2008
In this third and final tutorial in his series, Paul Ekert will show you how to add a little spice to your montage. You'll also see the effective use of transitions and filters and learn how to create a Picture-in-Picture effect (PiP).
Filmmaking 101: Anatomy of a Final Cut Express Project
By Lisa Brenneis
Apr 29, 2008
Before you can make movie magic, it helps to understand how your editing program organizes and manipulates all of those sequences and clips you've been shooting. In this sample chapter from Final Cut Express 4 Visual QuickStart Guide, author Lisa Brenneis shows you how to manage a well-organized project in Final Cut Express.
Creating a Musical Photomontage with Premiere CS3: Part 2
By Paul Ekert
Apr 15, 2008
In the first article of this three-part series, Paul Ekert showed you how to automatically create a photomontage set to music using Premiere CS3. Part 2 demonstrates how to alter the scale of the images, move inaccurate markers to a better position, and trim the images to these new points.

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