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ppk on JavaScript: Context
By Peter-Paul Koch
May 14, 2009
JavaScript is used in the context of a Web page. This is obvious, but it has a few consequences that haven’t always been properly appreciated. Peter-Paul Koch discusses the standards-compliance CSS revolution that has changed Web development, starting with a quick summary of the CSS revolution and its impact on JavaScript.
Neuro Web Design Review:
By Susan M. Weinschenk
May 4, 2009
Susan Weinschenk analyzes the website of an international charitable organization. By making a few changes in the site design, she suggests, the group could increase the amount of good they're already doing for the world.
A Project Guide to UX Design: Project Objectives and Approach
By Russ Unger, Carolyn Chandler
Mar 21, 2009
This chapter talks about forming project objectives and offers some questions that will help you as a UX designer solidify those goals. Also learn some common project approaches (or methodologies) and how they may influence the way you work.
Flexible Web Design: Types of Web-page Layouts
By Zoe Mickley Gillenwater
Feb 17, 2009
Web-page layouts can be grouped into three categories based on how their width is set: fixed-width, liquid (or fluid), and elastic. Zoe Mickley Gillenwater discusses the characteristics of each type of layout.
Flexible Web Design: Dynamically Changing Images’ Screen Area
By Zoe Mickley Gillenwater
Feb 16, 2009
There are lots of ways you can dynamically change the screen area that an image takes up. Zoe Mickley Gillenwater explains how.
Using the Liquid CSS Layouts in Dreamweaver CS4
By Stephanie Sullivan, Greg Rewis
Feb 5, 2009
Liquid layouts, based on a percentage of the size of the browser's window (or viewport), are one way to create flexible sites that work for a variety of users. In this chapter, learn the pros and cons of creating a liquid layout.
Fresher Styles for Web Designers: Psychedelic Minimalist Style
By Curt Cloninger
Jan 21, 2009
Curt Cloninger discusses the Psychedelic Minimalist style, a style that intentionally straddles the fence between minimalism and psychedelia, achieving surprisingly fresh, purposefully paradoxical results.
Neuro Web Design: Invoking Scarcity--If Something Seems Unavailable, We Seem to Want It Even More
By Susan M. Weinschenk
Jan 16, 2009
Susan Weinschenk explains why invoking scarcity can be an excellent marketing tool.
Working with Text in Microsoft Expression Web 2
By Nolan Hester
Oct 28, 2008
Nolan Hester explains why you should treat your web text like an outline and avoid focusing on formatting.
Stupid User Syndrome: Why We Become Idiots Online (And What Web Designers Can Do About It)
By Robert Hoekman
Jul 18, 2008
Whether we like to admit it or not, we've all been victims of stupid user syndrome at some point or another. Designing the Moment author Robert Hoekman Jr. outlines the symptoms of this terrible malady as well as what Web designers can do to prevent it.
New Riders Interview with Don’t Make Me Think Author Steve Krug
By Steve Krug
Jul 1, 2008
Michael Nolan, senior acquisitions editor with New Riders Press, interviews bestselling author Steve Krug, one of the speakers for the Voices That Matter Web Design Conference that just took place in Nashville.
All Links Are Not Created Equal: How to Make Online Lists Easier to Read
By Robert Hoekman
Jun 16, 2008
How do you make the Web look old? Why would you want to? Designing the Moment author Robert Hoekman shows how making links look their age can help readers more easily find what they're looking for in a list.
Design for Sign-Up: How to Motivate People To Sign Up For Your Web App
By Joshua Porter
May 30, 2008
You've got about eight seconds to convince a person to become your customer online. Usability expert Joshua Porter tells you how to make every second count in this excerpt from his new book, Designing for the Social Web.
Improving Findability Through Web Standards
By Aarron Walter
May 16, 2008
You put a lot of effort into building a website, but it's time down the drain unless the site ultimately connects with people. In this series, Aarron Walter teaches easy techniques for getting the attention of both search engines and users.
How to Create Content That Sucks (Users In)—And Makes Your Site More Findable
By Aarron Walter
Apr 4, 2008
Aarron Walter explains how the good karma of sharing your ideas and keeping them open can bolster the findability of your site.
Going Online with QuarkXPress
By David Blatner, Patti Schulze
Mar 21, 2008
This excerpt from Real World QuarkXPress 7 shows you how to increase the value of your XPress documents by taking them from print to the Web.
Practical Advice for Developing Web Software Applications
By Christopher Schmitt, Kimberly Blessing, Rob Cherny, Meryl K. Evans, Kevin Lawver, Mark Trammell
Feb 29, 2008
Need help updating an outdated site? Learn how to identify web apps that are stuck in the past and prepare them for the future with advice from several of New Riders' Voices That Matter.
How to Embed a QuickTime Movie in a Web Page or Blog Post
By Maria Langer
Feb 22, 2008
So you've decided to join the video revolution in Web publishing. But instead of dealing with YouTube, you want to publish higher-quality content directly on your blog. Maria Langer shows you how.
Working with ColdFusion 8's Advanced Components
By Charlie Arehart, John C. Bland, Raymond Camden, Leon Chalnick, Ben Forta, Ken Fricklas, Paul Hastings, Mike Nimer, Sarge Sargent, Robi Sen
Feb 8, 2008
This sample chapter from the best-selling Adobe ColdFusion 8 Web Application Construction Kit, Volume 2: Application Development takes you through many of the advanced features of ColdFusion Components.
Embedding Flash Video with Dreamweaver
By David Karlins
Jan 4, 2008
David Karlins shows how to use Dreamweaver to embed a video clip into your own web page, presented with your own customized display skin, and surrounded by your own content.

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