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Peachpit TV's Top 10 podcasts of 2009

2009 was a standout year for Peachpit TV. With well over one million downloads alone across all of our channels (a record for us), we've continued to expand and educate creative professionals in the subjects of Photoshop, Mac automation, digital photography, and Dreamweaver … just to name a few. We’ve also managed to launch our very first Spanish-language channel with bilingual author Rafael Concepcion of Layers TV fame.

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By Kara MurphyCommentsJanuary 13, 2010
Topics: Digital Audio, Video

Just in time for the holidays: Our video-a-day giveaway

It’s the holiday season, and I bet some of you are already thinking of your New Year’s resolutions. If one of them is to learn something new in the field of Web design, development, presentation, branding, and much more, then you’re in luck.

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Why are we giving free books and videos away?

I’ve gotten a few inquiries regarding why we’ve offered to give away a free book of choice (or video this time around) two separate times this year. What is so great about the service, Safari Books Online, that warrants such an offer? I’ve encouraged our inquisitive users to sign up for a free trial so they can discover this resource of learning for themselves. For those who are still uncertain, I thought a blog post might convince you to try it out.

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By Kara MurphyCommentsAugust 26, 2009
Topics: Peachpit Commons

Distributing video to the masses: Part 3

It’s been really hectic here in Peachpit world, especially with the release of a major new video that is bound to change the way you think about presentations. Nevertheless, I did manage to find some time to write up the final segment in this three-part series on Distributing Video to the Masses.

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Presentation Zen: The Video with Garr Reynolds

“You know, we live in a busy world, a very fast paced world. So it’s more important than ever that we take the time to slow down and in the world of communication, it means take the time to slow down to focus on our core message so that we can identify what’s important and what’s not.” —Garr Reynolds

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Distributing video to the masses: Part 2

I was fortunate enough to recently attend the second-annual Voices That Matter: Web Design Conference in San Francisco. I learned a great deal about all aspects of video production and distribution from none other than author Richard Harrington.

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Distributing video to the masses: Part 1

Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend the second annual Voices That Matter: Web Design Conference in San Francisco. One particular session I made it a point not to skip (especially since it is an integral part of my job) was “Distributing Video to the Masses.” The speaker, best-selling author Richard Harrington, was introduced by New Riders’ editor Michael Nolan, who pointed out that he is “unusual in the range of subjects he tackles.”

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Save 30 percent at B&N on select Visual QuickStart Guides

In these uncertain economic times, it isn’t the worst idea to brush up on your existing technical skills and learn new ones. With Visual QuickStart Guide books, you can master programs ranging from Python to Photoshop by simply following the concise, step-by-step explanations of the program’s core tools and techniques.

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Twitter's FailWhale creator loves Peachpit

This past Wednesday, I attended the second ever FAILparty—aptly entitled EconoFAIL—and caught up with the guest of honor, Yiying Lu.

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By Kara MurphyCommentsFebruary 23, 2009
Topics: Design, Branding/Marketing

Introducing Safari Instant Access ... online!

Imagine this scenario: You find a book you want while browsing online but don’t want to wait the few days it takes to ship to your house to start reading. Wouldn’t it be nice to have immediate access to the book’s contents?

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Macworld 2009: My Favorite Discovery for the iPhone

This year's Macworld Conference & Expo was a resounding success for Peachpit - especially on the marketing front.

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Get the most out of shortened URLs and increase productivity on Twitter

A recent article entitled “Ditch the Web Lunatic Content Crazes” written by Mark Simon for Ad Age magazine referred to Twitter as “asinine.” However, if you’ve been looking to build buzz around a brand, you’d be wise to find out just exactly why “the whole world is suddenly a-Twitter.”

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