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Proxy page, Five Mac Tips in Five Days, Part 5

The “page proxy” is that tiny document icon that you see in the title bar of an open document, just to the left of the document name. That page proxy is "live," and you can do a number of things with it, just as if it were the file icon itself.

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iChat Theater, Five Mac Tips in Five Days, Part 4

This is an amazing feature in iChat: You can show files, photos, slideshows, or movies while video-chatting with a friend or coworker.

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The Dictionary panel, Five Mac Tips in Five Days, Part 3

I use the Dictionary/Thesaurus application so much that I put it in my Dock and leave it open all the time instead of taking the extra click to get to the Dashboard. But there’s an even faster way to find the definition or synonym of a word—the Dictionary panel.

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Googling in Mac apps, Five Mac Tips in Five Days, Part 2

Google any word or phrase in any Apple application.

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Use iChat to send text messages to cell phones, Five Mac Tips in Five Days, Part 1

You can send text messages to any phone directly through iChat.

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