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This book will change the world

Many of our books find their audience because they advocate a new way of thinking, usually a form of simplification. Steve Krug demystified the practice of Web usability with his common-sense approach in Don't Make Me Think. Jeffrey Zeldman defied conventional wisdom at the time with his Designing With Web Standards. And now along comes Garr Reynolds with his stunning new book Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery, available December 17.

All of us have endured too many hours of uninspiring, forgettable PowerPoint or Keynote presentations. (Maybe some of us have been guilty of creating one or two.) But get ready for all that to change. As this book makes its way through the corporate culture, the simple principles of Presentation Zen will change thinking. Your—and your colleagues’—presentations will begin to engage and enlighten. Kind of like zen itself.

Garr is the creator of the most popular site on presentation design and delivery on the net, I visit it often, and mostly I wonder how he found time to keep it full of so much rich and interesting content while he wrote, designed, and laid out a book in just more than six months. To add extra challenge he did it from Japan, working with an editorial team in California, Illinois, and Indiana.

As I watched the pages and chapters of this book come in, my excitement level rose. The insights, the sheer simplicity, and breathtaking graphics tell me the world needs this book. Just in time delivery, you might say.