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5 iPad 2 Tips in 5 Days: Tip 4 - Be a VJ

By  May 5, 2011

Topics: Apple, iPad

The release of the iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 opened the doors for you to be a video jockey. With the iPad (the iPad 2 is best, but the original iPad will suffice), you can display your iPad video content on a TV in a number of ways.

  • With the Apple Composite AV cable (SRP $39), you can connect your iPad to either standard or high-definition televisions and view the content there. In fact, you can even watch your streaming Netflix (and other) video on the TV screen.
  • The Apple Component AV cable (SRP $39) lets you connect your iPad to most high-definition TVs as well as to some standard definition models. You’ll get a better picture and sound on a HDTV with the component cables than with composite.
  • Use the Apple Digital AV Adapter (SRP $39) to mirror your iPad 2’s screen on an HDMI-capable HDTV or monitor. In addition to the videos at the heart of this tip, you can also use this adapter to give presentations and much more.
  • Add an AppleTV (SRP $99) to the mix and you can stream content from your iPad to the AppleTV unit connected to an HDMI-compatible HDTV. The AppleTV is small and light, so it is easy to carry along to those gatherings where you plan to display your iPad’s video wares. And, by the way, if you have access to a wireless hotspot at your venue, you can even use Air Video to stream your home computer’s library to your iPad and then use AirPlay to send it along to the AppleTV.

Dennis Cohen is the co-author of The iPad 2 Project Book.