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Amazing new screenshot tool

By  Jan 26, 2009

Topics: Adobe Photoshop, Productivity

Layers, a new $15 utility from, lets you capture your screen as a layered Photoshop file, with each open window in a separate layer.

Here at Peachpit, we're all about computer books. Naturally, you can't make a book about using the computer without taking lots of pictures of the screen, so around here we live or die by our screen capture utility.

Part of the drudgery involved in taking good screenshots is setting up the display Just So—with the window or other object arranged and sized just right, and other screen clutter moved safely out of the way. That's why I was intrigued to learn about Layers, a new screenshot utility for Mac OS X from some folks who call themselves (coincidence? I think not). 

Layers captures each window on your screen as a separate layer in a Photoshop file, so you can turn off visibility for screen objects that you don't want to appear in your final image. The program even has a nifty Inspector panel that allows you to turn layers on and off without going to the bother of cranking up Photoshop.

If you spend a lot of time shooting your computer screen, take a moment to check out Layers—it might be a moment well invested!