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Apple TV Take 2 now showing at a living room near you

By  Feb 20, 2008

Topics: Apple, Audio & Video

Last week, Apple released the Apple TV Take 2 software update.

A free update for current Apple TV owners, it can be downloaded directly from Apple. If you don't currently own the hardware, you'll pay a little less than those who purchased "Take 1" since the price was dropped from $299 to $229.  You can read more about the features in Cliff's blog from Macworld.

I don't own an Apple TV so will have to wait and see what others think, but scoured the Web to see if anyone has made any comparisons with other movie rental options. The most detailed comparison I found was from iLounge.

This reviewer compared the quality of Apple TV with that of Blu-Ray, HD Cable video, on demand, and SD DVDs, as well as standard-def Apple TV rentals. As you can see from the still frames, it looks as if HD movies delivered via Apple TV are pretty close to the quality you'd see in a Blu-Ray disc, which is lovely. But check out the example of a standard def movie rental. Not so pretty.

I suppose this will become less important as more and more content is delivered as high definition. But for those who want to save a buck by renting the standard version of newly released Saw IV, keep in mind that you might miss some of the bloody details.