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Be a Beta Tester!

By  Mar 2, 2010

Topics: Voices that Matter

We are looking for some test subjects ... [insert evil genius laugh here.]

No, we will not be injecting you with any new drug or applying a miracle shampoo to your head. We just need a few super-cool beta testers for a *top secret* new product we're working on. Care to be a test bunny?

The testing will happen between March 15 and 22 and then we will just need 20 minutes of your time for a web conference to hear your thoughts.

Come on. Be one of those cool kids who knows about things way before anyone else. Oh, and we'd also love to bribe you with a free book of your choice. If you're interested, just send an email to We can only take the first 20 folks, so the fastest "emailer" wins! ;)

Thank you for your help and input! Ya'll really are the peach in Peachpit.