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Camera Raw 4.5 Release Candidate

Tom Hogarty (Lightroom and Camera Raw's product manager) recently announced the availability of the Camera Raw 4.5 "Release Candidate," which means it is well tested but Adobe would like the user community to give it a spin before it is distributed to all users.

This is great as it gives those who want to try it a chance to get early access, and it will hopefully provide a wider base of system configurations to test it on before Abobe releases to the masses. You can download it from Adobe Labs.

Tom goes on to say, 

This release includes new camera support for the Olympus E 420 and E 520 camera models.

Please provide feedback on your experience with the Camera Raw 4.5 plug-in and the DNG Converter on the Camera Raw User to User forum.

For Lightroom customers who would like to use the new support provided for the Olympus cameras, download the DNG Converter release candidate and convert your raw files to DNG before importing them into Lightroom 1.4.1.

In a discussion thread in the Camera Raw User to User forum, Thomas Knoll commented, "Probably the only thing that users will notice at this point in time is the negative range of the clarity slider that now matches Lightroom 2.0 beta."

So, if you are wanting to stay on the cutting edge then give this a spin and share your experiences. Otherwise, be sure to grab the final release when it becomes available.