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Creative Control

By  Nov 17, 2009

Topics: Digital Photography

Question: How much creative control do you keep when it comes to post production? For example, the mountains behind the building show a distinct "sunset" light on the mountain tops that wasn't there in the photo.  Did you tell them to put that in?  Did your post-production guy decide to do it himself?  Is it a committee decision?

Answer: In terms of post production, I never, really, take a camera in my hand, thinking of what enhancements I can make after. That's not a religion or anything, it's just the way I was trained. Now Drew, my young first assistant who handles the post in the studio, has really good sensibilities, so I let him have pretty much carte blanche when it comes to this stuff. If he does anything, he sees a pic I shot that might lend itself to a certain "look" that might really be in vogue right now.

We collaborate on the look, and my studio manager, who runs the portfolios and keep things on track for jobs and bids, also contributes opinions on the look and pacing of prints as they are presented.

Ask me a question so I can answer it in a future post on this blog.

Best, Joe