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David DuChemin Twitterview Transcript

By  Nov 22, 2011

Topics: Digital Photography

On November 22, 2011, international photographer and Photographically Speaking author David DuChemin (@pixelatedimage) sat down for a lively Twitterview (interview via Twitter) with @Peachpit.

We've posted a transcript of the Twitterview so you can relive the magic all over again. Enjoy!

Peachpit @pixelatedimage Feelin' ready to go! Let's get this Twitterview started! :D #ducheminPS

Peachpit @pixelatedimage First of all, congrats on your new book Photographically Speaking! #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage @Peachpit Thank you! Hi to all of you just joining us! #ducheminPS

Peachpit @pixelatedimage What inspired you to write Photographically Speaking? How does this one fit in with your other books? #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage I saw a lot of students understand how cameras worked, but not why photogrphs did/didn't work. Photography's about photogrphs. #ducheminPS

Peachpit @pixelatedimage Good point! In the book you talk about "elements" and "decisions." Can you briefly explain that? #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage "Elements" are the words of the visual language. Lines. Light. Moments. Decisions are the grammar - what we DO with the elements #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage Being intentional and conscious about the elements we have, and what we do with those elements makes stronger photographs. #ducheminPS

Peachpit @pixelatedimage From @Tim_Calhoun_ Where is your favorite place in the world to shoot? #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage I don't know that I have a favorite place but places that I've never explored are high on my list. I go to Antartica next week. #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage And Iceland was amazing. India too. Africa is incredible. Anywhere there is light and life. :-) #ducheminPS

Peachpit @pixelatedimage Wow, Antartica!! Brrrrr! Sounds cold & exciting! What gear will you take with you? #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage @Peachpit - I'm taking long underwear and warm socks! Also my D3s bodies (2) and a couple lenses. A few filters. Not much else. #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage I have to travel pretty light these days. Still have a tough time walking and staying upright, let alone carrying my stuff!   #ducheminPS

Peachpit @pixelatedimage Speaking of that... #ducheminPS

Peachpit @pixelatedimage From @scottmbennett How has your photographic vision changed or developed since your accident in Italy? #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage Sorry folks, tweet deck crashed and I'm having issues. On iPad now but typing slow!  #ducheminps

Peachpit @pixelatedimage No worries! Let the Twitterview fun continue! :) #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage The question about my vision since the accident is good, but I don't have an answer yet. Still wrestling with it. #ducheminps

pixelatedimage My process has certainly changed. I'm slower. And I think that's a positive thing. #ducheminPS

Peachpit @pixelatedimage Perhaps we'll see it in your Antartica photos? ;) #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage @Peachpit - I hope so. But right now I just need to get out and shoot, learn my process all over again, because it's different. #ducheminPS

Peachpit @pixelatedimage Both understandable and exciting at the same time. We're definitely looking forward to seeing what you shoot. #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage @Peachpit - Thank you. Me too! LOL :-) Kind of hoping I don't fall off the boat. #ducheminPS

Peachpit @pixelatedimage From @Philbeav: What are 3 important things you look for when viewing a new picture from another photographer? #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage If I was limited to 3, I'd say Choice of moments, Use of lines, and Point of view (perspective) but 3 is really limiting. #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage Use of colour would be high on my list too. #ducheminPS

Peachpit @pixelatedimage True! But we can start with 3 and grow from there. :) #ducheminPS

Peachpit @pixelatedimage Your book, Photographically Speaking, mentions the "visual language." What is that & why is it so important? #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage Our photographs speak, but what they say depends on how we say it. That "how" is the visual language. #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage So unless you know the language, it's difficult, if not impossible, to create photographs that say what we want them to say. #ducheminPS

Peachpit @pixelatedimage What is one common mistake you see other photogs make? How can they avoid it? #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage I think we are all a little distracted at times. Being present in the moment & both observant & intentional is key. #ducheminPS

Peachpit @pixelatedimage From Photonguy2009: Tips for taking fewer photos? How to avoid the burnout of being overloaded with images? #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage slow down. Strive for stronger photographs. Stop posting to Flickr and sites that feed the ego. #ducheminPS

Peachpit @pixelatedimage Good advice! So when you approach an image... (cont) #ducheminPS

Peachpit @pixelatedimage Do you typically shoot it from many angles and with many different camera settings to "discover" the image #ducheminPS

Peachpit @pixelatedimage Or do you already know the look and feel that you're going for? #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage It's both. Sometimes I get it right quickly, other times its a longer process. There's no template for creativity. #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage cookie-cutter creative processes result in cookie-cutter art. #ducheminPS

Peachpit @pixelatedimage Good point! From @ADFphotos How does one develop a "style" - if not by copying a style of someone else? (cont) #ducheminPS

Peachpit @pixelatedimage Are there really any new "styles" out there? #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage Style is an evolving byproduct of constantly creating honest work, not something to be chased. #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage I think having your own authentic voice is far more important than this elusive "style" thing. #ducheminPS

Peachpit @pixelatedimage Where do you look for inspiration? #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage @Peachpit I look to the world around me, other art, books. I look to life for inspiration. But most of all... #DuCheminps

pixelatedimage @Peachpit ...I look to my work. Artists have long known that inspiration comes from hard work. You have to put in the time. #DuCheminps

Peachpit @pixelatedimage Looks like we have time for 1 more question: What is the best investment photography or career-wise u ever made? #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage @Peachpit by far the best investment I've made is in personal projects; specifically my first trips to India and Ethiopia... #DuCheminps

pixelatedimage ...those trips gave me experience and confidence and a new portfolio, way better than a shiny new camera! #DuCheminps

Peachpit @pixelatedimage Absolutely!! Can't wait to see what comes from your trip to Antartica! Thanks for a great Twitterview! :D #ducheminPS

pixelatedimage @Peachpit my pleasure. Thanks for joining us, everyone. Sorry for the glitches. #DuCheminps

Peachpit Thanks for tuning in for our Twitterview with @pixelatedimage! Be sure to check out his new book: #ducheminPS