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David Ziser Twitterview transcript

By  Apr 7, 2010

Topics: Digital Photography

David Ziser did a rip-roaring Twitterview on April 1. Relive the magic with this transcript.

Peachpit: We're kickin off the Twitterview w/ @DigitalProTalk! Grab some popcorn & join the fun! #CBTL

Peachpit: @DigitalProTalk What is 1 of the biggest challenges you face on a wedding shoot? #CBTL  

DigitalProTalk: @Peachpit Putting up with constantly changing situations – Time, weather, people running late, and people getting along+ #cbtl

DigitalProTalk: @Peachpit Always go with the flow, never get upset, always be calm and helpful. #cbtl

Peachpit: @DigitalProTalk What's the most impt piece of advice u'd give a photog scheduled 2 shoot their first wedding? (via @benmarkcreative) #CBTL

DigitalProTalk: @Peachpit Pick up my book today and read chapters 8, 9, 10 & 11. It’s your roadmap to shooting a wedding. #cbtl

Peachpit: @DigitalProTalk Great advice! :D #CBTL

Peachpit: @DigitalProTalk How much control over posing should u allow Bride/Groom 2 have when shootin bridal party? (via @KRNaturalPhoto) #CBTL

DigitalProTalk: @Peachpit I meet with the couple beforehand and discuss the series of images to be taken. That puts both of us in charge of the shots.#cbtl

Peachpit: @DigitalProTalk How do u shoot at locations that are boring/plain w/ few photographic points of interest? (via @jrmcknight) #CBTL

DigitalProTalk: @Peachpit When in doubt, backlight. It always adds a dramatic feel to pictures. Or – Gel the flash and hit the background for effect. #cbtl

Peachpit: @DigitalProTalk With so many products available, what to offer as a 1st wedding gig? Prints, Albums, CD of Pics? (via @ldsantos) #CBTL

DigitalProTalk: @Peachpit CD leaves too much money on the table. Sell albums and prints – better sales result. Add CD to album print order. #cbtl

Peachpit: @DigitalProTalk Great info/advice! So... how do you deal with the low available light when shooting indoors? #CBTL

DigitalProTalk: @Peachpit I have always been a fan of high ISO shooting. Let NIKS Dfine 2 handle any noise that you might have+ #cbtl

DigitalProTalk: @Peachpit I’ll use a 50mm 1.4 lens for available light shooting. I’m also a big fan of IS lenses for low light shooting. #cbtl

Peachpit: @DigitalProTalk If u could only pay for 1, would u have an assistant or a 2nd shooter help u w/ weddings? Why? (via @jrmcknight) #CBTL

DigitalProTalk: @Peachpit I would have an assistant first because he/she make my life easier in getting my kind of lighting on the shoot+ #cbtl

DigitalProTalk: @Peachpit You could use a light stand instead of a lighting assistant then your assistant could be your second shooter too. #cbtl

Peachpit: @DigitalProTalk Are you ever told you can't use flash inside a church? How do you get around that? #CBTL

DigitalProTalk: @Peachpit Read my lips… NEVER use a flash during the ceremony! Only use flash for procession and recession+ #cbtl

DigitalProTalk: @Peachpit Refer to earlier tweets on how I handle low light shooting situations. #cbtl

Peachpit: @DigitalProTalk Wow - photogs, write that down! #CBTL

Peachpit: @DigitalProTalk How many other shooters do you have with you at a wedding? #CBTL

DigitalProTalk: @Peachpit I work with one second shooter to pick up the peripheral details of the wedding. I use 3500, he shoots 500. #cbtl

Peachpit: @DigitalProTalk What tips do you have for dealing with an emotional or moody bride or groom? #CBTL

DigitalProTalk: @Peachpit Never let it get to you. Remember, you have to be an armchair psychologist to be a good wedding photographer. #cbtl

Peachpit: @DigitalProTalk We've got time for just a few more... What time of day is best for shooting a wedding? Worst? #CBTL

DigitalProTalk: @Peachpit Best - Cloudy afternoon. Worst - sunny afternoon - You’re always fighting shadows and hot spots. #cbtl

Peachpit: @DigitalProTalk What are best practices 4 making the couple feel comfortable 2 enhance their wedding pictures? (via @loyalty4life) #CBTL

DigitalProTalk: @Peachpit Be sure to meet with the bride and GROOM beforehand to give them a taste of your personality and to get a taste of theirs+ #cbtl

DigitalProTalk: @Peachpit If you can’t meet with them personally at least make a call to the bride and groom to introduce yourself to them.#cbtl

Peachpit: @DigitalProTalk Lighting seems 2 be on everyone's mind. When in a low light location, how best 2 capture candid shots of the ceremony? #CBTL

DigitalProTalk: @Peachpit High ISO cameras and image stabilized lenses. ISO 1600 on Canon 7D or 5D MkII will be just fine. #cbtl

Peachpit: @DigitalProTalk We've got time for 1 more question: How do you stay fresh on a 60-city tour?! #CBTL

DigitalProTalk: @Peachpit Love what you’re doing, be thankful that LaDawn does the heavy lifting, and enjoy your audiences. #cbtl

Peachpit: @DigitalProTalk That about wraps it up! Thank you for a FANTASTIC Twitterview!! :D #CBTL

DigitalProTalk: @Peachpit Thanks everybody for being part of my first Twitterview. Don’t forget to follow me on my blog #cbtl

Peachpit: Thx everyone 4 the great questions! We'll post a transcript of the whole interview, + all the ?s we didn't get to, in a blog asap! #cbtl