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Do Good Design in 2009

By  Jan 30, 2009

Topics: Design

With so many crises around the world today, why on earth would good design be a priority right now? I might have wondered the same thing a month ago. I have since been enlightened.

Design is as important now as ever before. David Berman explains this well in his book Do Good Design: “How did design help choose a president? Why are people buying houses they cannot afford? Why do U.S. car makers now struggle to compete? Why do we really have an environmental crisis? Design matters. Like never before.”

The more I read of this book, the more I am amazed at the tremendous impact simple design changes can have. An example many of us know: If the ballot in a few Florida counties had been designed differently, Al Gore may have been elected in 2000 instead of George W. Bush.

Barack Obama and his team understand the power of design. The moment the new president was inaugurated, transformed, donning the same design elements of and presenting a new face for politics and the U.S. government.

David Berman wants to make sure his message about the importance of good design goes beyond the pages of his book and actually spurs people to commit to good design in 2009 and beyond. He even set up a site where you can take the pledge: I took it. And added one more resolution to my list for 2009.

How will you do good design in 2009? Will you consider doing good when making purchasing decisions? Did you take the pledge?

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@Peachpit I will Do Good Design in 2009!

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