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Does your Second Life need a lift?

By  Aug 7, 2007

Topics: Web Design & Development

A copy of Rebecca Tapley’s new book, Designing Your Second Life, just landed on my desk. Before flipping through this book, I have to confess that I was a bit in the dark in terms of the expanse of living in the “parallel universe.”

 Now I realize that building your identity involves lots of design-decision-making, from determining your body type; considering what to wear (or not to wear); and even deciding whether you’d like to be human, semihuman, or 100 percent nonhuman.

But it doesn’t end there. Once you gain composure of yourself and you’re feeling grounded, it’s time to build your social life (and we’re talking a whole new world of etiquette here, and not the kind of thing you can learn from Miss Manners); design your home (do you want to build your own; do you like Frank Lloyd Wright; do you want a log cabin?); and create some beautiful landscaping to make you feel cozy in your new alternative surroundings.

If your desire is to take things to the next level, you should consider building yourself a whole empire within Second Life. For example, you could start your own Linden-dollar-based business, become a millionaire, and buy a private island. Only a few things are for sure: The options are endless, you won’t get bored, and design is the key ingredient to making your (second) world go round.