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Export and add to catalog

A new feature of Lightroom 2's Export dialog is the ability to automatically add exported copies into the Lightroom catalog. This was an often requested feature and surely to be a welcome addition for anyone wanting Lightroom to track the exported copies.

I find it to be a very useful way to add a custom watermark using the LR2Mogrify export plugin to photos I want to add to a Lightroom web gallery. Here are the steps:

  1. Select photo(s) to be watermarked, click Export.
  2. Configure Export dialog to include Mogrify watermark, check the Add to This Catalog box, click Export.
  3. Select watermarked photos and switch to Web module.
  4. Configure gallery and upload.

Here's an example gallery.

To make it easier to manage these watermarked copies I always configure the Export dialog to save them into a subfolder within the folder that contains the original photos.