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Five books every designer needs

By  Oct 28, 2008

Topics: Web Design & Development

My little boy has not yet even gone door to door begging for candy from our neighbors and already my family is talking about what to do for Christmas.

My sister suggested to my parents that they just get gifts for the grandkids. She suggested that she and I avoid exchanging gifts altogether, since times are so tight. See, for my family, gift giving has gotten out of control. If we can't get each other big, shiny, expensive gifts, it's better to cancel Christmas altogether and not get each other anything at all. Well, this year, I put my foot down. I'm sick of canceling Christmas. Plus, I really, really like to unwrap things.

The goal this year is to keep gifts small, but thoughtful, so we're getting each other books. They are affordable, easily wrapped, and good for hours of entertainment or instruction.

None of my family members are designers, but if they were, I'd definitely get them one of the 5 Books Every Designer Needs compiled by "everything designer" Andrew Maier in his blog on Tutorial 9. Check 'em out and get your holiday shopping done early—without breaking what's left of your bank.