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Five Snow Leopard Tips in Five Days: Tip 1 - Printers

By  Sep 7, 2009

Topics: Apple, Operating Systems

Install only the printers you need during the Snow Leopard installation.

Earlier Mac OS X versions installed a huge number of printer support files so you could print to nearly any printer. However, if you’re like me, your Mac probably interacts with one or two printers at most. A new option in the Snow Leopard installer can make a big difference.

In the Snow Leopard installer, click the Customize button. Display the Printer Support options by clicking the triangle to the left and choose one of the following:

  • Printers Used by This Mac (enabled by default) updates only the printer files that exist on your computer.
  • Nearby and Popular Printers installs over 600 MB of printer description files for common printers and for those found on the network.
  • All Available Printers adds 800 MB of printer files.