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Five iPad 2 Tips in Five Days: Tip 1 - Consolidate Your Apps into Folders

By  Jul 18, 2011

Topics: Apple, iPad

It doesn't take very long to end up with several iPad screens full of Apps and Web short cuts. Here are a few ways to make find the app you want a little easier.

Consolidate Your Apps into Folders
Put the apps or the Web shortcuts you use together, or that are similar, into a folder. Tap and hold an icon until it starts to jiggle. Then drag that app's icon onto another app that's similar in function, or that you tend to use with it. Doing that creates a folder; the iPad will attempt to name the new folder for you, with occasionally amusing results, but when the folder is open you can tap its name and retitle it.

Put the Apps You Use the Most into Your iPad's Dock
When you first turn on a new iPad, it has four app icons in its Dock: Safari, Mail, Photos and iPod. However, the Dock can hold six icons: either individual apps or folders. Just tap and hold an icon in the dock until it jiggles, then drag it out of your Dock to remove it. To add an icon, tap and hold it until it jiggles, then drag it into your Dock. Note that since a folder can hold as many as twenty apps, you can put as many as 120 apps on your Dock.

Use Spotlight to Find an App or Bookmark On the Fly
I almost never use the Spotlight search capability on my Mac, so it took me months to figure out how useful it was for, say, finding Safari Bookmarks on my iPad. But Spotlight is even more useful for finding and launching apps on the iPad. Go to your first Home screen by pressing the Home button. Then swipe to the right to see the Spotlight screen with a search field at the top. Type the first few characters of an app's name (or of a Bookmark—you know you can save Bookmarks to your Home screen, right? Just tap the Action curved-arrow-in-a-box icon in Safari). Spotlight starts searching as you type, so you should see a list of possible matches. Tap the result you're looking for, and the app launches (or the Bookmark loads) right from Spotlight. Don't forget to configure Spotlight in your iPad's Preferences under General, in the Spotlight Search section.

Lisa Spangenberg is the co-author of The iPad 2 Project Book.