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Flash Player 9 update demo'd at Flashforward

A couple weeks ago, Adobe released an update to Flash Player 9 (update 3, Beta 2), codenamed Moviestar. The exciting part for many is that it now supports the H.264 standard for HD video, which is also used by high definition video players.

 This is something that shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise. Kevin Lynch, chief software architect at Adobe, gave a keynote presentation yesterday at the Flashforward conference in Boston where he stated that 70 percent of the video on the Internet is Flash video. Within one year since its release last June, Flash Player 9 has achieved over 90 percent adoption worldwide. Those are incredible numbers and shows that video on the Web is very important to Adobe and helps to fuel quick adoption of new video standards.

What many companies are looking forward to with this adoption are new opportunities for developing and delivering rich Flash applications (on the Web and in H.264 consumer devices). H.264 playback will also be supported by AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime), giving developers the ability to deliver HD content on the desktop, and applications developed by AIR software, such as the upcoming Adobe Media Player.

Can’t wait to learn more the new update, AIR applications in development, and details on the Adobe Media Player at the show.