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Gary-Paul at SXSW

[Here is a post from Gary-Paul Prince, attending SXSW this week.]

SXSW has started this weekend, and what a show it is shaping up to be.

New Riders started out its SXSW presence with a author party celebration at the Red Eyed Fly at 715 Red River Street. A long list of New Riders authors showed up, including, Greg Rewis, Stephanie Sullivan, Lance Loveday, Sandra Niehaus, Nathan Shedrov, Tom Negrino, Dori Smith, Robert Hoekman, Charles Wyke-Smith, and Chrisitne Wodtke, along with the New Riders staffers Michael Nolan, Wendy Sharp, Karyn Johnson, and yours truly.

I had the pleasure of spending time with Web Design for ROI coauthor Sandra Niehaus and discovered that she is a mixed martial artist. Coincidentally I study Kajukenbo, so Sandra and I spent the night swapping attack and defend techniques.

This year in the New Riders booth on the SXSW expo floor we will be conducting interviews with our authors, who will give viewers a synopsis of what’s hot.

Look for our interviews here as well as on ... and if you have never been to SXSW, I recommend you make plans for next year. In the meantime, we at New Riders will bring you the buzz from Austin, Texas.