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I took a nap at Macworld

By  Jan 17, 2008


No, I'm not referring to expo announcements. I just took a killer 20-minute nap in a large space-agey pod in the West hall at Moscone.

Set up on the Moscone West show floor by a company called Metronaps (whose offices are at the Empire State Building in New York), each of the eight sleep pods are injected with a piece of software called pzizz, which creates soundtracks to nap to.

You simply set your sleep time and the data bank of random soundscapes, ambient sounds, and voice suggestions lull you to sleep. For those who aren't prepared to install the pod-shaped lounger in their tiny apartment living room (they are normally rented for corporate functions or athletic clubs), the software is a separate purchase: For $50 (and a Macworld 25 percent discount) you can play the soundtracks on your computer, iPod, or burn the tracks to a CD.

Thanks for the nap, guys. The show floor has never been so relaxing.