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It Happened at Photoshop World

By  Mar 23, 2010

Topics: Adobe Photoshop

No longer is the old saying true...what happens at Photoshop World won't stay at Photoshop World this year!

I flew into Orlando today filled with tummy butterflies and excitement. Photoshop World is a personal first for me, and I'm giddier than a puppy trapped in a Foot Locker filled with rawhide-flavored shoes.

The highlight this evening was the Tweetup NAPP had organized by the pool at the hotel. I have been to other conferences and professional outings before, but I have never met a more friendly and gregarious group of people than I did at the Tweetup. This is fairly significant since I'm a communications and PR person by trade, so you'd think our conferences would be full of chitty-chatty, outgoing types. They wouldn't hold a candle to the Photoshop enthusiasts I met tonight.

Check out this quick video about the Tweetup, starring @NAPP_news. (I apologize that this turned out a little dark...I'm just learning to shoot video with my DSLR. Luckily for me, our next Photo Club webcast is on just that!)