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Larry Jordan Twitterview Transcript

By  Dec 16, 2011

Topics: Digital Audio, Video, Final Cut Pro

On Friday, December 16, 2011, Final Cut Pro guru Larry Jordan sat down for a lively Twitterview (interview via Twitter) with @Peachpit. It was fast. It was furious. It covered Final Cut Pro X from top to bottom. We’ve posted a transcript of the Twitterview so the wisdom can live on. Enjoy.

Peachpit @LarryJordanFCP Let's get this Twitterview started! #FCPX_MTT

Peachpit @LarryJordanFCP First of all, congrats on the new book, Final Cut Pro X: Making the Transition! #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit  Thanks! It is always very nice to see the results of all the hard work actually exist in print! #FCPX_MTT

Peachpit @LarryJordanFCP What was your philosophy in writing the book? #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit First, that learning should be fun - there's a lot of humor in the book.+ #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit Second, that I need to teach both the WHY and the HOW. Explain the fundamentals so you understand how #FCPX thinks.+ #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit Third, to define basic terms for new users of #FCPX, while providing tips for power users.+ #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit This is my 6th book - it is the one I am most proud of - I like the balance between tips, techniques, & fundamentals. #FCPX_MTT

Peachpit @LarryJordanFCP It is a great book - well done! What makes this book different from other FCP training resources? #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit 1st, I wrote it. 2nd, it assumes you are transitioning from #FCP7 or Express, to #FCPX. 3rd, it's funny! (cont) #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit (cont) Humor is important to me, because it makes technology less intimidating and more accessible. And it's fun! #FCPX_MTT

Peachpit @LarryJordanFCP Good point! I always love a little humor with my tech. ;) So who needs to read the book? #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit I wrote this book for new users looking to get started quickly & existing users making the transition to #FCPX + #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit + Users who want LOTS of tips and shortcuts in #FCPX will also want to read Final Cut Pro X: Making the Transition. #FCPX_MTT

Peachpit @LarryJordanFCP Final Cut Pro X has rocked the video-editing world. What are the most important changes from previous versions of FCP? #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit Speed. Simplified interface. Speed. Optimized for tapeless media. Improved effects like color correction & keys. Speed. #FCPX_MTT

Peachpit @LarryJordanFCP What about speed? ;) What are some of the coolest new features of Final Cut Pro X? #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit Did I mention speed? Precision Editor, Magnetic Timeline, chroma key, color correction, keywords... Lots of stuff. #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit Speed comes from background import and processing, more keyboard shortcuts, simplified interface and more. #FCPX_MTT

Peachpit @LarryJordanFCP What types of new users do you think will be attracted to FCP X? #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit People who found #FCP7 too intimidating. Folks who need MUCH more power than #iMovie (cont...) #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit People shooting tapeless video. People who need results in a hurry will be attracted to #FCPX. #FCPX_MTT

Peachpit @LarryJordanFCP From @Philbeav: Would Final Cut Pro X be a manageable jump for an existing iMovie user with the aid of your book? #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit Absolutely - and I would say that even if I didn't write the book. You have much less to unlearn than an #FCP7 editor. #FCPX_MTT

Peachpit @LarryJordanFCP Good point! What do you see as some of the most exciting new developments in video and editing? #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit The industry is in deep flux, bordering on chaos. Budgets are collapsing, deadlines are shrinking, competition is (cont) #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit (cont) ...expanding, and clients are more demanding. It is a very tough environment for editors right now. (cont) #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit (cont) Having a tool that is fast, powerful, and inexpensive like #FCPX can provide a big competitive edge. #FCPX_MTT

Peachpit @LarryJordanFCP I've heard that FCP X is not designed for power
editors. Is this true? #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit #FCPX has many features designed for power users: 4K images, Precision Editor, Roles, subframe audio editing. (cont) #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit ...more keyboard shortcuts, greater precision than FCP 7. The interface is much different, but #FCPX has lots of power. #FCPX_MTT

Peachpit @LarryJordanFCP What is the hardest thing for FCP 7 editors to learn about FCP X? #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit Getting used to the interface and new keyboard shortcuts. Many of the features we expect are there, but they moved. #FCPX_MTT

Peachpit @LarryJordanFCP So it just takes a little time to get used to? How concerned should editors be about "missing features?" #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit While there are features that are not in #FCPX, many features aren't "missing" they are "moved," or "revised."+ #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit  Apple has announced a new, major update to #FCPX coming "early in 2012." I think it will have significant enhancements.#FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit Editors should always make sure their tools do what they need for their projects. FCPX meets many needs, but not all. #FCPX_MTT

Peachpit @LarryJordanFCP It will be exciting to see what's in the update! Is it too soon for editors to consider transitioning to FCP X? #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit That depends. If you are principally working with tape, stay with #FCP7. (cont) #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit (cont) If you are principally reediting older projects, stay with #FCP7.(cont) #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit +If you are working with tapeless media & you need speed, power, & high-quality, #FCPX is definitely worth the look. #FCPX_MTT

Peachpit @LarryJordanFCP What's been your biggest reaction to FCP X? #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit Initially, I was VERY dubious of #FCPX. Now, after working with it as much as I have, I'm a big fan. (cont) #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit #FCPX still needs to grow, but I really like where it is now and where it is headed. #FCPX_MTT

Peachpit @LarryJordanFCP If you transition to FCPX, should you upgrade to Lion? Why or why not? #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit Upgrade to Lion offers no significant new features, aside from full-screen edit view. All you need is OS X 10.6.8. #FCPX_MTT

Peachpit @LarryJordanFCP Good to know! Now we have a couple technical questions... How do you implement alpha transitions in FCPX? #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit The secret to #FCPX effects is they are Motion 5 templates. Create the effect in #Motion5, save as an FCP X template. #FCPX_MTT

Peachpit @LarryJordanFCP Great tip! How do you preview in Final Cut Pro X?#FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit Shift+Command+F provides a full screen preview of your Timeline. ESC brings you back to the interface. #FCPX_MTT

Peachpit @LarryJordanFCP You're an author, trainer, editor, host of an industry leading podcast. Where do you get the inspiration & time?! #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit I long ago realized that sleep is optional. I enjoy what I do and love the process of learning and teaching new stuff. #FCPX_MTT

Peachpit @LarryJordanFCP Yea, who needs sleep? Are there any exciting projects you’re currently working on that you can tell us about? #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit We released subscription-based access to my video training in #FCPX & @Adobe. Gift cards are around the corner...(cont) #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit (cont)...New #FCPX and @Adobe training coming in January! All at #FCPX_MTT

Peachpit @LarryJordanFCP Wow, that definitely sounds exciting! & I can't believe it, but it looks like we are just about out of time. #FCPX_MTT

Peachpit @LarryJordanFCP Thanks so much for a wonderful Twitterview! #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit Sigh... this has been fun! My first Twitter interview.#FCPX_MTT

Peachpit Thanks 4 tuning in 4 our Twitterview w/ @LarryJordanFCP! Check out his book & save 35% w/ code: TRANSITION. #FCPX_MTT

LarryJordanFCP @Peachpit it is a fun book - I encourage everyone to read it.#FCPX_MTT