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Lightroom preset fever

Do you like to collect things? I do. Especially if they are free.

One of my collecting habits that is getting easier and easier to feed is Lightroom develop presets. People love to make them, and better still, they love to share them. A develop preset is simply a collection of settings that attempt to achieve a certain effect. You'll find that there are some great ones that come installed with Lightroom, and these are great because they speed up your workflow and they expose you to new possibilities.

I'm just amazed at what some people can get Lightroom to do. The first place I go to get my preset fix is Matt Kloskowski's blog, Lightroom Killer Tips. Matt offers up new presets every week, and through the beauty of blogs you can jump right to all the posts about presets! Some folks have even created a Flickr group devoted to his presets.

Another long-standing preset resource is Inside Lightroom. The presets here are nicely organized, include previews of how they look, and best of all are free! Be sure to download the fabulous PDF resource entirely devoted to everything you'd want to know about creating, updating and using develop presets.

Let me know if you find any other great preset sources. You never can have enough.