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Maggie Macnab Twitterview Transcript

By  Oct 12, 2011

Topics: Design

On October 12, @Peachpit and @MaggieMacnab faced off in a live Twitterview about her new book, Design By Nature. Relive all the fun in this Twitterview transcript!

@MaggieMacnab First of all, congrats on ur new book, Design By Nature! #DesignXNature

@Peachpit Thanks, Peachpit. Couldn't have done it without you!

@MaggieMacnab What was the inspiration behind the topic & title?#DesignXNature

@Peachpit Really based in my love of nature, of creativity, of problem solving and of serving.

@MaggieMacnab What are some examples of aesthetic and effective design? #DesignXNature

@Peachpit This is a rather individual Q as aesthetic is subjective. I would say anything that pleases on all levels is *your* example. +

@Peachpit It's beautiful, functional and meaningful to you.

@MaggieMacnab Your book discusses how to integrate nature's patterns in shapes into design. What are some of those patterns? #DesignXNature

@Peachpit Amazingly, there are only a handful of patterns that create all the natural diversity around us. They include spirals (creatives <3 these!)+

@Peachpit branching (trees, neural systems), stacking (hives, lenses), meanders, and helices. Many are related but they each have special +

@Peachpit #DesignXNature shapes to accommodate the way they work in nature.

@MaggieMacnab Nice! How will your book help designers improve their work? #DesignXNature

@Peachpit #DesignXNature We all agree that aesthetic is a key piece of good design. By looking to nature for aesthetics all humans know &

@Peachpit respond to we connect to a broad audience with universal qualities aligned to support the communication: form *is* function. #DesignXNature

@MaggieMacnab From @FromPicturestoP How can understanding what we know intuitively improve our skills as creative pros? #DesignXNature

@Peachpit @FromPicturestoP #DesignXNature Intuition is a key ingredient of creativity and inspiration. It directs what the head responds to.

@MaggieMacnab Where do you look online for inspiration? Are there sites you visit regularly? #DesignXNature

@Peachpit #DesignXNature For creative inspiration, I love seeing other designer's work, particularly from the int'l comm+

@Peachpit #DesignXNature But I also visit science, biomimicry, and mathematical sites such as

@MaggieMacnab From @reevrobledo Since the possibilities 4 design are endless when do u stop & say "That's it! Perfect."? #DesignXNature

@Peachpit @reevrobledo #DesignXNature 1 thing I clarify with students is that design is not art so there are influences beyond ourselves to +

@Peachpit @reevrobledo #DesignXNature determine that: budget, deadline and client preference. I have also been lucky enough to hit on the +

@Peachpit @reevrobledo #DesignXNature right visual solution many times before the client saw it!

@MaggieMacnab What designers and artists are doing cool work right now that you admire? #DesignXNature

@Peachpit #DesignXNature Wow. There are so many! I adore Banksy and Goldsworthy (artists), and really admire designers who have balance+

@Peachpit #DesignXNature like John Langdon with letterform and @Vonster's ability with tech and art. The women who are *out* there: +

MaggieMacnab @Peachpit @debbiemillman, Ellen Lupton, Luba Lukova. Loaded Q! too many! #DesignXNature

Peachpit @MaggieMacnab So true! From @hbuxman What is the most difficult aspect of designing a logo & how do u work through that? #DesignXNature

MaggieMacnab @Peachpit @hbuxman #DesignXNature I think the ultimate fear of any creative is a blank page. When anything is an option, where do U begin?+

MaggieMacnab @Peachpit @hbuxman #DesignXNature The solution: Start. Just start. Start with something silly, clichéd, absurd.Just break the ice and start.

MaggieMacnab @Peachpit @hbuxman #DesignXNature Don't let fear lead you (but it can push you a little).

Peachpit @MaggieMacnab Everyone says don't be afraid 2 make mistakes-that's how u learn.What mistakes have u made that u learned from? #DesignXNature

MaggieMacnab @Peachpit #DesignXNature Every time I teach a class or speak I could have done it better. Biggest mistake: not listening enough--& not+

Peachpit @MaggieMacnab Good point! From @viomorett What is the "bridge" between Decoding Design and #DesignXNature

MaggieMacnab @Peachpit @viomorett #DesignXNature Nature is very much a part of our intuition: how we sense experience & thing in the world. Symbols are+

MaggieMacnab @Peachpit @viomorett #DesignXNature the shorthand for expressing that experience of nature that is universal to all cultures. This is my+

MaggieMacnab @Peachpit @viomorett #DesignXNature passion for design and creativity. Where do we connect? How do we understand one another?

Peachpit @MaggieMacnab From @1flos #DesignXNature If there are no straight lines & perfect circles in nature, why are these shapes so appealing?

MaggieMacnab @Peachpit @1flos #DesignXNature Shapes are useful in many ways. They must B precise for math: 2 construct material objects, 2 think beyond+

MaggieMacnab @Peachpit @1flos #DesignXNature our experience, and also as symbols: we relate to them emotionally as well. We live in 3D and accuracy for+

MaggieMacnab @Peachpit @1flos #DesignXNature the structures we make (from buildings to ideas) require definition.

Peachpit @MaggieMacnab Looks like we just have time for 1 more question. What's the best piece of advice u can give a designer today? #DesignXNature

MaggieMacnab @Peachpit #DesignXNature we're here only briefly and each 1 has a contribution. Find it. Do it. xoxox

Peachpit @MaggieMacnab Excellent advice and a great note to end on! Thanks for a great Twitterview! #DesignXNature

We hope you enjoyed the Twitterview! Check out Maggie Macnab's new book, Design by Nature: Using Universal Forms and Principles in Design. <--Click that link and you can also read a sample chapter (under Sample Content tab) or watch a video interview with the author (under the Audio & Video tab). Enjoy!