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@MarcolinaDesign Twitterview Transcript

By  Apr 22, 2011

Topics: Apple, iPhone

Relive the magic of the @Peachpit Twitterview with @MarcolinaDesign!

On Thursday, April 21, 2011, iPhone Obsessed author Dan Marcolina (@MarcolinaDesign) sat down for a lively Twitterview (interview via Twitter) with @Peachpit. It was fast. It was furious. It inspired folks to get out and take photos with their iPhone and then transform them with some nifty iPhone apps. We’ve posted a transcript of the Twitterview so the wisdom can live on. Enjoy.

@Peachpit: @marcolinadesign Let's get this Twitterview started! First of all, congrats on your new book, #iPhoneObsessed!

@Peachpit: @marcolinadesign Are you really as addicted as the title of the book implies? #iphoneobsessed

@marcolinadesign: @Peachpit I sure don't mind getting stuck in traffic anymore, it gives me time to look at new apps or work on images! #iphoneobsessed

@Peachpit: @marcolinadesign Nice! So how has iPhone photography re-invigorated your career as a designer? #iphoneobsessed

@marcolinadesign: @Peachpit it broke me out of my typical safe workflow, let me push the edge on lowres images & explore new ground w/ abandon #iphoneobsessed

@Peachpit: @marcolinadesign Inspiring! Is there anything everyone needs to know about photography before shooting w/ their iPhone? #iphoneobsessed

@marcolinadesign: @Peachpit it's one of the freeing advantages of iphone not to worry about mechanical fundamentals + #iphoneobsessed

@marcolinadesign: .@Peachpit compositional fundamentals can come together quickly b/c of the lg iphone preview screen + #iphoneobsessed

@marcolinadesign: @Peachpit what attracts me are graphics in a scene, human moment/gesture, juxtaposition, images that triggers a phototone+ #iphoneobsessed

@marcolinadesign: .@Peachpit then it comes down to the right framing angle of view & lighting that best expresses the feeling of the moment.#iphoneobsessed

@Peachpit: @marcolinadesign Well said! Your book includes "tags." What are these tags and how are these used? #iphoneobsessed

@marcolinadesign: .@Peachpit when you scan the tag it brings up several full-screen tutorials of how i made an image or review of an app + #iphoneobsessed

@marcolinadesign: .@Peachpit also you can download the app or go to the developer's website or comment the image through flickr. + #iphoneobsessed

@marcolinadesign: .@Peachpit or it could be a personal gallery of images and there are free texture images to download etc #iphoneobsessed

@Peachpit: @marcolinadesign Very cool! Do you have a favorite photo-editing app? #iphoneobsessed

@marcolinadesign: @Peachpit DXP, PictureShow, Toonpaint, Tiltshift Lensflare, Photoshop express are all go-to apps for me #iphoneobsessed

@Peachpit: @marcolinadesign Great recs! I'll have 2 check some of those out. So are iPhone photos "art?" Explain... :) #iphoneobsessed

@marcolinadesign: @Peachpit Yes I think they can be art, the iphone in just a tool- it is really all in how you use it + #iphoneobsessed

@marcolinadesign: .@Peachpit Processing an image with the intent to bring out its story turns a snapshot into a statement #iphoneobsessed

@Peachpit: @marcolinadesign Can you share an example of an iPhone photo and explain which apps you used to achieve the effect? #iphoneobsessed

@marcolinadesign: .@Peachpit Here's an image that's in the upcoming iPad companion interactive itunes book! Original image is here: +

@marcolinadesign: .@Peachpit Then I used ProHDR +PictureShow + Blender + Lensflare- FINAL image:

@Peachpit: @marcolinadesign Incredible! So what has surprised you about your iPhone photography? #iphoneobsessed

@marcolinadesign: .@Peachpit The variety of different looks you can give an image and the quality of the prints you can produce has really surprised me.

@Peachpit: @marcolinadesign If you could wish for an app that doesn't already exist, what would you want to see? #iphoneobsessed

@marcolinadesign: .@Peachpit I'd love to see an app that could work with many layers, blending modes and alpha channels + #iphoneobsessed

@marcolinadesign: .@Peachpit but I prefer to combine single unique-function apps to create richer images #iphoneobsessed that's what the book is about!

@Peachpit: @marcolinadesign Great point! In your opinion, what is the future of mobile phone photography? #iphoneobsessed

@marcolinadesign: .@Peachpit I think smartphone cameras will evolve enough to eventually replace point and shoot cameras altogether. + #iphoneobsessed

@marcolinadesign: .@Peachpit premier players like Adobe will build apps that allow higher quality imaging possibilities + #iphoneobsesssed

@marcolinadesign: .@Peachpit it will then become so mainstream that there will no distinguishing line between mobile photography & just photography

@Peachpit: @marcolinadesign A question from @Backroadblogger: Can u recommend a tripod/stabilizer to help improve your beginning image? #iphoneobsessed

@marcolinadesign: .@Peachpit @Backroadblogger GorillaMobile - favorite tripod a great stablilizer: for video work

@Peachpit: @marcolinadesign Looks like we have time 4 just one more question! Where can readers learn more or get involved? #iphoneobsessed

@marcolinadesign: .@Peachpit +

@marcolinadesign: .@Peachpit Those are my regular go-to links. This is a link with updated resources and reviews on #iphoneobsessed book

@Peachpit: @marcolinadesign Awesome resources! Thanks for a great #iphoneobsessed Twitterview! :D

@marcolinadesign: Many thanks @Peachpit for running this twitterview it was a real pleasure! Hope you'll check out #iphoneobsessed w/ your iphone @ the ready!

@Peachpit: Thanks 4 tuning in 4 our twitterview w/ @marcolinadesign! Get more great iPhone photography tips in #iPhoneObsessed:

@Peachpit: Also, check out a great @blogcritics review of @marcolinadesign’s #iphoneobsessed book:

If you listened in to the Twitterview, we'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback! Was it all you hoped it would be? Would you like to see more? Who should we Twitterview next?