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New Riders' Author Garr Reynolds in BusinessWeek

By  Apr 14, 2008

Topics: Voices that Matter

Top-selling New Riders' author Garr Reynolds is quoted in last week's BusinessWeek's article "Rethinking the Presentation."

The article encourages presenters to think differently about their slides and offers constructive tips from Garr's new book, Presentation Zen, as well as other presentation experts.

One of my personal favorites from this tip list is "avoid bullet points." Bullet points have become the norm in presentations today but often only tend to clutter the message. As an audience member, I would much rather listen to a skilled speaker who is assisted by pictorial representations on slides rather than hearing someone read aloud from the jumbled text projected on the screen.

Aside from the tips in the article, Garr offers much more of his valuable expertise on his Web site and in his book, Presentation Zen.