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Office 2008 for Mac, here at last

By  Jan 17, 2008

Topics: Peachpit Commons

Rebecca Freed reports on the new version of Microsoft Office of Mac.

Rebecca Freed writes:

This time last year, Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit was offering sneak peeks at a selected feature set from the then forthcoming upgrade of Office.

This year, following Monday’s announcement of Office 2008 shipping, the whole suite is on display. In a departure from previous editions and echoing the tiered approach to Windows Vista, Office 2008 for Mac is available in three flavors: a standard edition priced at $399.95 ($239.95 to upgrade); a Home and Student Edition priced at $149.95 (no upgrade price), which does not connect to Exchange Server or Office-specific Automator actions; and a Special Media Edition, which adds digital asset management capabilities to the standard suite. It’s priced at $499.95 ($299.95 to upgrade).

I think the offering of a lower-priced basic edition is a great idea and should snag a lot of new customers for Microsoft. Alas, someone will be left behind: Although Office 2008 now runs natively on Intel Macs, it does not run on PowerPC G3 CPUs (hey, there’s still a G3 iBook in my household).