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Peachpit authors are all a-Twitter

By  Oct 30, 2008

Topics: Voices that Matter

You’ve probably already heard about Twitter. You may even be Twittering around yourself. But did you know that Peachpit and New Riders authors are Tweeting, too?

Peachpit’s super-cool authors have found yet another outlet for their endlessly flowing creative juices. But this one condenses their wisdom into easy-to-digest 140-character bites.

If you'd like to see what our authors are up to, Twitter is your key to unlocking the magic.  Here are some of our brilliant authors who are actively swimming in the Twitter stream (You can also follow us @peachpit and @peachpittv!):

Aarron Walter: @aarron
Adam Engst: @adamengst
Andy Beach: @andybeach
Andy Clarke: @malarkey
Ben Waldie: @applescriptguru
Christopher Breen: @BodyofBreen
Christopher Schmitt: @teleject
Dave Awl: @DaveAwl
Dave Cross: @davecross
David Berman: @davidberman
David Blatner @dblatner
David duChemin: @Pixelatedimage
Dori Smith @dori
Dwight Silverman: @dsilverman
Eric A. Meyer: @meyerweb
Frederick V. Johnson: @frederickvan
Garr Reynolds: @presentationzen
Greg Rewis: @garazi
Jason Cranford Teague: @jason_speaking
Jeff Carlson: @jeffcarlson
Jeffrey Zeldman: @zeldman
Jeremy Keith: @adactio
Joshua Porter: @bokardo
Kimberly Blessing: @obiwankimberly
Kris Hadlock: @khadlock
Maria Langer: @mlanger
Mark Christiansen: @flowseeker
Meryl K. Evans: @merylkevans
Miraz Jordan: @miraz
Molly Holzschlag: @mollydotcom
Mordy Golding: @Mordy
Peter-Paul Koch: @ppk
Robert Hoekman, Jr: @rhjr
Scott Kelby: @ScottKelby
Scott McNulty: @blankbaby
Stephanie Sullivan: @stefsull
Stu Maschwitz: @5tu
Susan Weinschenk: @susanweinschenk
Tom Negrino: @negrino

What's your Twitter username? We'll follow you, too (in a very non-Big Brother kind of way). ;) 

Also, two randomly selected Twitterites who comment on this post with their Twitter name will win a free book of their choice! W00T!