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Predefined Camera Profiles

By  Dec 8, 2009

Topics: Digital Photography

Question: Joe, what I would like to know is whether you use some kind of predefined camera profiles that do some work inside of the camera already. Color correction (not white balance), contrast etc... Is there something that allows you to do that, especially without losing quality?

Answer: I actually don't do anything particularly fancy. I do pay attention to my white balance out there. I don't subscribe to the theory of not needing to pay attention to it if you are shooting raw. Raw is not an excuse to be inattentive to the color and quality of light in the field when you have the camera in your hand. In terms of picture management in the camera, again, nothing fancy. I tick up my in camera sharpening one notch to 6 on the D3, and everything else is standard. I will occasionally experiment with a preset white balance, where I let the camera measure the scene and the flash applied to the scene to sort out color. But most of the time I am in auto, or cloudy.

I know that is a bit about white balance, and not CC. I don't really move around with CC in the field, even though I probably should. With the adjustable color fields in a camera like the D3, a lot is possible. I will experiment with that, and become more aware of it, actually prompted by your question.

Ask me a question so I can answer it in a future post on this blog.

Best, Joe