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Q&A Grab Bag for December

By  Dec 29, 2009

Topics: Digital Photography

Here are short answers to some great questions!

Question: Joe, do you still pursue photography because you are good at it, or because you are passionate about it?

Answer: The passion always comes first, and from it springs the drive to keep getting better, keep trying new stuff, and keep improving, which will be a career-long endeavor. There are still times I feel totally overmatched by a job, and really struggle.

Question: Why the #@%^%$ do you call yourself Numnuts?  lol!  You're a great teacher and photographer. Also, is there a way I can purchase any of your prints off your website?  I love the picture of tattooed man carrying the wheel with the Asian theme.  

Answer: Just one of those things that stayed with me from press work. My old wire service editor called me that and more. And prints are available, shoot an email to

Question: What kind of equipment would you take for shooting  a college cross country meet? When I go, I have a lot of distance to cover between areas, but I am always looking to improve the shots. My daughter is changing from the smaller, more compact high school sites to the spread out unfamiliar courses this week.

Answer: Light and fast is the way to go, which you know. My druthers here would be two bodies, or just one, with something like a 24-70, and then a 70-200, with one flash, bunch of CF cards, good carry rig, like a vest or a Think Tank harness. Maybe some Tylenol?

Question: I read your blog (pseudo-)religiously. You end each one of them the same... "More tk." What the hell does "tk" mean? Just curious.

Answer: Hey...old journalism convention meaning, “to come.” Reporters would insert that into a breaking story meaning they were still working details.