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Q&A Grab Bag for November

By  Nov 24, 2009

Topics: Digital Photography

Here are short answers to some great questions!

Question: I've had on a least three different occasions now had my Nikon SB-900's (2 of them) overheat. I'm using fast lenses(f2.8) on two different Nikon D300's, ramping up the ISO to over 400. Besides taking less pics what else can I do to prevent overheating? I never had this problem with my SB-800's.

Answer: Yeah, they are sensitive...go into the menu of the 900 and shut down the thermal cutoff. It will behave like an 800. Also, make sure you have the 900 updated with firmware upgrade off the Nikon site.

Question: Pocket Wizard or Commander? I'm shooting a D3.

Answer: I guess the answer is “situational.” Meaning there are times you will get beyond the means of the commander and go with a PW or a Skyport. Not to say one is better than the other. The commander does enable TTL wireless flash control from the camera, which is huge. But if you bury a flash down the block and around the corner, you’re gonna have to go the radio route, and thus physically walk to it to adjust f-stop. Just question of scope of the shoot I guess.

Question: Do you use Aperture 2 or Lightroom 2?

Answer: Take a look at a recent blog post...we use Aperture. It is a Mac-based program, and very elegant. We don’t use it as a processor—mostly as an import and organizational tool. It is a varied program, and will get considerably upgraded with Aperture 3.0, which is bound to sometime soon.... 

Ask me a question so I can answer it in a future post on this blog.

Best, Joe