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Q&A Grab Bag for October

By  Oct 6, 2009

Topics: Digital Photography

Here are short answers to some great questions!

Question: Do you ever get tired of being "The Flash Guy"?

Answer: No, not really. I figure it’s better than being “The HDR Guy.” :-)

Question: Boxers, Briefs, Thong, or Commando?

Answer: Really big bloomers

Mel Brooks, Monty Python, or The Onion?

Answer: All of them, in equal measure

Question: Nigel or Ari?

I’d go into a burning building to save ‘em both, but Nigel’s my bud. Ari is a momma’s boy.

If you had to feed one of your employees to a hungry bunch of alligators, would it be Drew or Lynn?

Regrettably, I’d have to say Drew. Him being bigger than Lynn, it would take the gators longer to deal with, thus enabling Lynn and I to escape.

Question: Favorite comic book growing up?

Answer: Hmmm.....Hulk, Fantastic Four, Spiderman. I was a Marvel guy all the way.

Question: Biggest mistake you've ever made?

Answer: Probably not developing a presence sooner in the commercial market. I was so preoccupied with LIFE and Geographic. Now LIFE is gone, and Geographic is diminished. Would have liked to have broadened our base earlier than we did. But we are doing well, so who knows which way the road turns?

Question: could you write about how make an HDR professionally?

Answer: You carefully put the camera on the tripod and circle it three times, intoning “HDR” in drawn out, guttural tones, much like a medieval chant. If you do this in a heartfelt way, the LCD of the camera will light up, and Ben Willmore will appear in a short but intensive hi def movie where he will lead you to the that mysterious land of HDR. 

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