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Scott Kelby: Number one photography book author in 2011

We published our first digital photography books some 15 years ago. But it wasn’t until 2006—when digital photography became ubiquitous and better quality cameras became more affordable—that the time was right for industry leader Scott Kelby to hit the topic out of the ballpark with his standard-setting series The Digital Photography Books (with well over a million copies sold). You can now order Part 4 of the series, which comes out next week.

At one time, the books on a digital-photography shelf were too often expensive showcase volumes or offered too-technical and not-practical-enough information.

Readers, however, wanted to take professional-looking photographs without having to master often-perplexing photography techniques.

They wanted to shoot. And Scott quickly became their personal photo-shooting guide, making the experience understandable, rewarding, and fun.

Scott shares real-world tips with his readers and helps them get better results immediately. He stokes their excitement for shooting.  

But how does Scott gain readers’ trust?

He doesn't lecture. Instead, he takes his readers out shooting with him. As he told his readers in The Digital Photography Book Volume 1, “While we’re out shooting, you have lots of questions and I’m going to answer them…”

Say you want to capture a flower in focus against a background that isn’t. Scott won't bore you with a lesson on smaller and larger apertures, or how exposure equals shutter speed plus aperture. Instead, he’ll tell you: “Put on your zoom lens, set your aperture to f/2.8, focus on the flower and fire away.”

Therein lies the key to Scott’s success. He shares with his readers his hard-won insights so they can become better photographers.

And, boy, have readers responded to Scott's style. For the second year in a row, Scott has earned the No. 1 ranking in digital-photography book sales.

Congratulations to Scott for being recognized again as the No. 1 photography book author. I am extremely proud to be Scott's publisher.

If you'd like to read some of the tips that made Scott so popular, here are a few excerpts from his The Digital Photography Book, Part 4, which comes out on February  28:

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