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Social networks and SXSW

By  Apr 1, 2008

Topics: Voices that Matter

I knew that this SXSW was going to be a good one on Friday when I boarded my connecting flight in Phoenix and sat across the aisle from New Riders's authors Stephanie Sullivan and Greg Rewis.

Not only had the authors just shipped their book, Mastering CSS with Dreamweaver CS3, to the printer this past week, but they also became engaged to be married. Those who follow the pair on Twitter were all witness to the occasion because Greg proposed to Stephanie on the popular social networking site.

Social networks is a big theme at South By Southwest, and many of the sessions reflect that. Pop by for a couple days here, and you can catch a panel on Social Marketing Strategies and Metrics or Social Design Strategies. There are also panels with titles such as Status in Social Media, Social Network Coups: The Users are Revolting, Social Strategies for Revolutionaries,  Going Social Now, True Stories from Social Media Sites, Social Networking and Your Brand.... You get the point. We are a social bunch here at the conference. But being social and part of the Web community is nothing really new. Because they have been developing the tools and are passionate about using them, however, we are all now starting to see the benefits of this in our businesses and in our personal lives.

Yesterday, Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg addressed the group here at SXSW. As the most popular social networking site by far (and the sixth most trafficked site in the U.S. at more than 40 billion page views every month), it's a perfect time for this 23-year-old to give a keynote at the conference.