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By  Dec 1, 2009

Topics: Digital Photography

Question: On your Kelby training video for lighting with one flash, you were shooting a model in a warehouse near the end of the day with a speedlight outside the door. Can you tell me why you use aperture priority and use minus EV instead of Manual mode? Can you also tell me how the speedlight outside is set up, compensation, diffuser or not, zoom, etc.?

Answer: As that shot goes, I did play with the aperture priority settings on the camera, using minus EV controls, as opposed to going manual. Honestly, either way works. I think in that instance I was dedicating myself to using these automatic controls on the camera to kind of push the envelope of what is possible, both for myself and the folks who might watch the video. You can get to the same result with either path, and quite quickly, but in that instance I had been working in aperture priority mode so stuck with it. That’s not to say some situations just get to the point where it is best to simplify and just go with manual controls. I encounter them all the time.

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