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Standardista solidarity

Who’s surprised there’s a Designing With Web Standards Facebook group? Its founder, Douglas Vos, is calling on supporters of Web standards and accessibility to show their support by participation in “Blue Beanie Day” next Monday, November 26.

On that day, the standards-aware among us (Vos refers to us as “standardistas”) are asked to photograph ourselves in a blue hat and temporarily replace our images on Facebook. You may well ask, “Huh?”

Sometimes in this Webby world it seems as if everybody’s playing inside baseball. It’s hard to understand all the self-referential jokes and statements. So if you’re puzzled, I’ll clue you in as to why blue beanies.

It’s a tribute to our own Jeffrey Zeldman, whose signature hat on the cover of his New Riders book, Designing With Web Standards, has become something of an icon for legions of Web designers and developers. Jeffrey is acknowledged as one of the founders of the Web standards movement, and because of his tireless advocacy, we have managed to avoid the nightmare of proprietary browsers with a myriad of different features and ways of interpreting instructions.

Standards have become, well, standard for those designers and developers in the know. But there’s still plenty of the wild, wild Web to be roped in, so I say “hats off” to events like this that will help raise awareness.